My Eco/CSP adventure.

Well, not long after posting about being impatient for my period to arrive so I could try out my Mooncup and CSP, the next morning it came! I’ll be writing up a review of the Mooncup in the next week or so and some CSP bits and bobs as I go but here’s how things have been so far.

Getting used to the Mooncup is a bit like when you first tried tampons, it’s a bit daunting to start with but after a few days you just get on with it and cant see what all the fuss was about.  Fitting it at first was awkward, and sometimes its easier than others, but it is getting easier and I guess like with most things it’s just about getting some confidence, and learning to relax. I did trim down the stem on mine after using it a few times and found it much easier to fit and use afterwards, they do suggest doing this on the instructions once you feel confident. I have used it nearly all-day everyday and at nights as well, and I’ve not had a single leak. So it is a big improvement over tampons for me as there is normally the odd leak when it’s at its heaviest but another plus is I dont have to remember to pack tampons in my bag and take one to the loo with me all the time! It’s only felt uncomfortable a few times, (not painful in any way, just the feeling of knowing it’s there) which mostly happened in the first few days, when I was still a bit hit and miss with getting in right. I get this occasionally with tampons as well, if I’ve been in a rush and after popping in a new one its fine, however with the Mooncup I just took it out, and popped it in again and it was much better. When it’s in properly, I cant feel it all and can forget that I am actually on my period and any worries about comfort have now been banished, which probably makes me a bit more relaxed and so probably makes it easier to put in, so I can only see it getting quicker and easier from now on.

I have been using CSP as well, but really I havent actually needed to use them, it was more for just peace of mind and also because I just wanted to use them! I’m now on day 5 of my period and it’s virtually finished, so I’m just going to use CSP for the next few days, mainly so I can test out the comfort of the ones I’ve got, and order in more of the ones I like the most, ready for the next time.

I had originally thought about using CSP during the day and the Mooncup at night but after the ease and performance of the Mooncup I am now wanting to use that mainly and just use CSP liners as a ‘just in case’ backup and for the very start/end of the period when it’s at its lightest. The Mooncup is really such less hassle then I thought, its great being about to just go out and not have to think, ‘have I got a tampon with me’ and all that. I will still be doing a kind of mini reviews on the CSP that I do buy, in the hope that it might help people new to CSP to pick what they like but as with nappies, it really is a case of trying a bit of everything to see what you like!

I am definitely a fan of minky and bamboo velour topped liners, as the cotton flannel one I have, I do find thicker and stiffer than the BV and minky ones, which are lovely and soft. As for the backing, I only have 1 PUL backed so it’s a bit hard to judge but it works fine so far and I think out of wool and fleece, the fleece is in the lead. They have all performed fine on the odd occasion when I’ve taken out the Mooncup and just used the CSP but the fleece backed ones I think are overall softer.  I have read a few people dont get on with minky ones but so far I love them, and it is really a personal preference. So using them on their own for the next day or so should hopefully give me a better idea on what shapes, sizes and fabrics I like most and I will of course share!

Michelle xx

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