Fluffy mail & updates!

I thought I’d start doing my fluffy mail updates at the end of the week, so here’s what landed on our doormat this week. Our lovely soft and squishy Fluff N Stuff arrived from Kingdom of Fluff, along with the gorgeous Holden’s Landing Bedbug+, and they are fabulous!! We’ve used the Bedbug overnight with only 1 of the boosters in and it wasnt even damp on the outside, yay!! And the Fluff N Stuff is so amazingly soft, Chloe’s had it on as well, she went coverless the other morning and the fit was so good. I am now seriously thinking about selling off other nappies just to get more of these as they are so worth every penny. So watch this space for more ‘oops it jumped into my basket and my finger slipped and I bought it!’ accidents happening as soon as I’ve got the spare funds!

I cant remember if I said already but I did order a Piddle Poddles fitted and some CSP from Bums N Roses as they were having a bit of a new year sale on, so it would have been rude not! Am still waiting on the Muttaqin, I think its on its way to us, but not 100% sure. I have seen one in Kingdom of Fluff that’s lovely and I have a feeling if I do buy another Bedbug then it might have to be bought as well!! Eeek! The other Puddlekins day fitted arrived as well and that’s as scrumptious as the first and that’s all pre-washed and ready to wear.

Also in some unexpected but lovely news, Laura from Fill Your Pants, got in contact with me and asked me to test out and review the new Smartipants nappies that they are now stocking. It’s lovely to know that Laura’s read my blog and likes and trusts my reviews so much that she’s happy to give me something to test and share on my blog . Although Smartipants may not be the prettiest nappy on the block, they do have some fab sounding features that I am eager to see if they work. It arrived friday and it did get a wear straight away and worked a treat, so that’s always a great start, the review of it will be in a week or so once Chloe has given it a through testing!!

I’ve added the Something luscious blog to the blogroll, I’ve been meaning to do it for ages as I’ve had it bookmarked for a while and it is the best way to stay on track with Luscious Little Somethings. They announced that they are doing 10-12 custom slots a month and the first of these slots were going live last night! LLS nappies are something I’ve heard wonderous things about but never got round to trying, and as we are in need of night nappies I wanted to try to get one of those spots!! And I got one!!! So have ordered a new night nappy in a violet/indigo/dark pink colourway and I ordered some matching CSP as well, as yet again heard such amazing things about LLS CSP.

Puddlekins also had a small restocking yesterday a few nappies and some CSP, and so I also got a few of those, as I love the ones I’ve got and I will be getting rid of some that I dont like as much, as so want to make sure I have a workable stash for next time.

I think that’s about it in nappy news and updates at the minute, if I get any free time in the next week then I will start sorting out a CSP page for reviews and info and things, that’s along with hopefully getting up a few more reviews!! We’re off for a lovely family day to the museum tomorrow, with lunch out, followed by a walk by the river, the perfect time to test out some nappies as well!

Michelle xx

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2 Responses to Fluffy mail & updates!

  1. elaine says:

    Hi Michelle,
    Quick question concerning the Puddlekins and LLS nappies. Are they waterproof? I read about what they are made of, but did not notice any PUL layers. Do you have to buy a outer layer with them?



    • Michelle says:


      They only do fitted nappies, so they will need either a PUL, fleece or wool cover over the top. We can get away with using a fitted nappy without a cover for a few hours when Chloe’s around the house in just a Tshirt but it does mean she needs changing after about 2 hours max so we dont do it often. I guess it depends on the child as to what you can get anyway with!

      I have found that fitted nappies with a cover are the best for nights, so much more absorbent then any All In One nappy.

      We use wool as a cover for fitteds but other people swear by fleece or PUL, so you really need to find what works best for you and your little one.

      Hope that helps!

      Michelle xx

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