Review: Honour Your Flow pantyliner (CSP)

Firstly for those that have stumbled across this page and havent a clue what this is all about, we’re talking CSP or cloth sanitary protection. Yes that’s right, washable and reusable cloth pads for a woman’s monthlies. If this scares you at all and is not your cup of tea then please move on, otherwise this post is to help people learn more about CSP and discover more about this particular brand. Thanks xx

This was the first cloth sanitary protection (CSP/cloth san pro) I bought, I got it at the same time as when I ordered my Mooncup from Feminine Wear, which stock a large range of different cloth and eco san pro and they have free delivery which is always nice! I picked the pantyliner size, which is 7.5 inches (18.5cm) long and 2 inches (5cm) wide when closed, as I intend on using my Mooncup full time and just use pantyliners as back up and for the very start and end of my period. This one is made from 2 layers of cotton flannel and is backed with fleece. It is worth noting that HYF do make pads in different sizes and fabrics but this review is relating to the above combination only, so if you dont like the sound of it then it doesnt mean that all HYF pads aren’t for you and it is worth trying out something else in the range.

The pantyliner was £5, which is a good price for a pad, it only has the one stud closure for fastening, I personally prefer 2 settings as it gives a bit of leeway with different kinds of underwear. Still it fits fine and the purple is a nice deep colour which has washed well, I do prefer the look of curved liners rather than square ended like this but its only cosmetic and doesnt affect the performance at all. It stayed in place with no problems and comfort wise this was also fine however compared to some of the other liners I have, I did notice it more when I was wearing it, I’m not sure whether that’s due to the material as this is my only cotton flannel liner but some of my other pads I simply forget I’m even wearing them they’re so good. I washed this with the nappy wash at 40 with  Econuts and I do think this has shrunk slightly, it measures about 7 inches now by just under 2 inches, it hasnt affected it all and you cant tell by looking at it, no ruffled fabric etc. I  do now prefer a 7-8 inch pad as I feel that they sit better in my underwear but as with most things, each to their own and it takes wearing a few in different sizes to know what you like best. I cant really comment on absorbency as I used a Mooncup but this is only a pantyliner so it is really just to be used as a back up or for the very start/end of your period, but I cant see it having any problems coping with any of that.

I have to say this isn’t one of my favourite liners, it does the job fine but I dont think cotton flannel is for me, even though it is still lovely and soft I just prefer the bamboo velour and minky topped ones I have. These are definitely at a good price to get some to pad out your stash, especially if you’re using them on their own full-time but for me this is good just not quite perfect.

Michelle xx

I bought the pads mentioned in this post and did this review because I wanted to, no compensation was received for reviewing them.

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