Review: Tots Bots Easyfit V2 nappy

So as you probably know, if you’re a follower of the blog, I’m not a fan of velcro in nappies, however occasionally a nappy comes along that is only available in the dreaded velcro and if it’s pretty enough then I am willing to overlook that little negative and give it a whirl. This was one of those nappies, when the new Easyfit V2’s were released in fab new prints, I wanted one instantly but the velcro held me back, until finally a few weeks ago I caved in and got one after hearing another rave recommendation for them. There has been a bit of a price war on the Easyfits of late and you can pick them up from as little as £14.99 in some shops, I got mine from Fill Your Pants* in the gorgeous Flower Power print. The Easyfit is a birth to potty nappy, designed to fit from about 8-35lbs and has two rows of rise snaps on the front to give 3 sizes in total and it comes in 6 funky prints (both girl and boy friendly) and in plain white as well. It’s an All In One nappy, that has a fold out bamboo and microfibre terry core for quicker drying and a pocket opening at the back so you can boost it easily if needed.

When this arrived I was amazed at how squishy the nappy was, the outer is very soft, it’s not like any other nappy that I can think of! The print was possibly even prettier then in the pictures, I was a very happy girl! So I opened it out and had a look inside and noticed a few things, firstly, the opening for the pocket is a good size but stuffing the ‘loose’ end of core of the nappy back inside is a little fiddly, I think that because it’s so soft and squidgy and the fact that it’s attached at one end just makes it a bit harder than just stuffing in a separate firmer insert. Also The velcro is a really good strong kind but but the strip that goes across the front of the nappy, makes the nappy feel and sound…crinkly? It sounds odd I know but it’s not the soft kind of velcro that we’ve had on BG’s and Wee Notions etc, but a stiffer kind, it sounds totally mad I’m sure! Also I’ve noticed that sometimes when Chloe’s been sat up before I change her, the velcro has left a slight red mark where her tummy has its rested against the velcro, I think because it’s so stiff, it hasnt hurt her in any way at all and it’s only been once or twice but I’ve not noticed it before with any other velcro nappies we’ve had.

Even after a good few washes, the nappy still retained it’s squidginess, it really is lovely in that respect and great for when I’m getting Chloe in some jeans, as with some nappies it can be a bit of a fight to squish them into the her thick jeans! It went 4 hours fine, no problems there and we havent needed to boost it at all, Chloe hasnt pooped in it yet but I cant see it having any problems with that, I’ll be sure to add to the update post in a few weeks if there is any leaks. Drying time is good thanks to the flap out core, but I do still find it annoying having to stuff it back in the pocket, I’m sure you could just lay it on top of the sewn in half but I like to tuck things away (even if I do find it annoying doing so), as it’s much easier to clean up if there’s a poop explosion!

Ease of use: Being velcro, these are super fast to get on with a wriggling Chloe and its easy to get a really good, snug fit. Remembering to do up the velcro to the laundry tabs is something I hate, OH has remembered to do it so far but I just know I’ll do the wash one day and find it stuck to another nappy! As mentioned, stuffing the loose part of the nappy inside the pocket isnt hard work but it is more effort then I thought it would be.

Performance: Happily does 4 hours, would need to boost it for going longer though. No leaks at all, the leg elastic does look quite bomb proof so I’m confident it will withstand everything. Drying time is good as well, I just pop it in the airing cupboard and it’s dry in a few hours.

Design: Looks wise, the prints are gorgeous but for me the velcro lets it down slightly. I do love the idea of the core being half attached to the nappy and half loose. It does make drying time fab but if the flappy out piece was maybe a little smaller/thicker it would be easier to get in the pocket. A great feature though and the pocket opening itself is a good size and the flap that covers the opening is better than the ones on the BG V4. I also do prefer the bamboo and microfibre terry inner over normal microfibre or bamboo on its own as it not only performs well, dries quickly but its also soft and squishy. You dont end up with the bulky sumo wrestler look between the legs either, as the core just squidges shape easily and the fit of the nappy is so much better for it.

Overall: I adore the squishiness and look of this nappy but I find the velcro annoying, I can put up with it being fiddly to put the loose bit back into the pocket as ultimately it makes it a faster drying nappy. But I find the velcro more annoying than usual as it just feels stiff, hard and well cheap comes to mind, I’m sure it’s not as the quality elsewhere on the nappy is fantastic but I really just dont like it. I’m not really sure if I can get past it but I am going to try as it is such a lovely nappy in every other respect! If these came out in snaps and stayed at the £14/15 price tag then I would be getting more, they’re absorbent, great to look at, easy to use, what’s not to love! If you’re a velcro fan then these are a must try for you, if you’re a snaps fan then it’s worth trying one but my opinion is out as to whether you’ll want to keep it or not. I do definitely think they are over priced at the £16/£17 mark and wouldnt pay that for another, they are gorgeous but are just missing that designer edge or imported nappy price that pushes them up above £15.

So the jury is still out at the minute, I so wish the nappy fairy would turn this into snaps overnight but that’s not going to happen and I’ve not heard any news about it being released in snaps, so I am going to keep with it for a while longer and see if I can overcome the velcro and love it for the gorgeousness and fab performing nappy that it is!

Michelle xx

Update  21st February 2011

We still like these nappies, and reach for them alot but the velcro is beginning to look a bit aged (needs a bit of defluffing) which makes me a bit sad. However they last Chloe an easy 4 hours, look cute and dry quick, we even tried them overnight and stuffed the pocket with 2 bamboo boosters – it was all soaking wet in the morning, Chloe’s skin was slightly wet as well but there were no leaks. It did the job better than I thought, granted I wont be using them at nights all the time as I prefer to use a specific night nappy so her skin is nice and dry in the mornings, but it’s always good to know that at a push it can be used. I did start off using the flap out core stuffed into the pocket but now I just lay it in the nappy and use a normal fleece liner over the top like I do in all Chloe’s nappies, it just means I dont have to pull the flappy bit out when putting it in the nappy bucket or have to bother restuffing it when clean.

I still find them crinkly sounding but they are great for slim fitting trousers and jeans and I love how they squish into shape, so they arent rigid and bulky between the legs. I think they’re keepers for now, until they start to look really scruffy around the velcro, as they do a great job but I wont be getting any more unless they come out in snaps. If you’re a velcro fan then these are a must try and if you want something as easy as an AIO but in prints then again these are definitely for you. I love the range of prints, the ”boy’ prints are really cool, and I prefer the red velcro on the Cherrylicious to the white on the other, only because it stays looking newer longer! They were definitely worth a try, just a shame they aren’t in snaps or I think they would be a firm favourite!

Michelle xx

I bought all nappies mentioned in this post and did this review because I wanted to , no compensation was received for doing it.

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