Fluffy happenings.

Well, change times with Chloe are becoming a bit of a nightmare, she will not stay still for love nor money, which is resulting in me giving up the fight ocassionally and letting her scamper off with no nappy on at all! I think we might be winning the night nappy war though, the HL Bedbug+ is holding up super well, with the two bosters in, it’s damp to the touch in the morning but she’s not soaking wet. The WNNN’s are still sometimes leaking but I’m still fiddling around with the right booster combination. So I cant wait until our LLS night nappy arrives, hopefully it’ll be brilliant, very excited!

Here’s the fluffy round up of what the postman brought us this week. A gorgeous bundle of fluff and things from Bums N Roses. The lovely Piddle Poddles, some CSP from Fussybutt and Zen Moon and some wipe wafers and some lanolin. Also some CSP from Puddlekins arrived but I forgot to take pics, sorry!!! I missed their restocking so will have to wait till next week to try and order one of their new nappies, fingers crossed!

I did however order a Monkey Snuggles night nappy from Babybots, lots of people seem to love them for night time, I’m not sure how well they’ll hold up to Chloe but we shall see! I havent bought anything else over the weekend but I have reserved a Muttaqin fitted and a Dunk N Fluff fitted and wrap set over at Kingdom Of Fluff, they aren’t due in for a few weeks yet but I’ve been wanting to try a DnF so am eagerly waiting for that to arrive!

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2 Responses to Fluffy happenings.

  1. elaine says:

    Hi Michelle,
    Can’t wait to hear your reviews of all the new night nappies. I am struggling with it and have ended up using the Issy Bear nappy with both boosters. It is holding up pretty well. I also boosted an Happy heiny dipe with three boosters and it held up ok, but it is not ideal. With the bedbug+, do you need to use an outer as well?


    • Michelle says:

      Hello, yes the Bedbugs need a cover over the top as well. I have come to the conclusion that a two parter, fitted and some sort of cover, at night is the best option, for us anyway! I’m not sure why Chloe’s turned into a night time wee monster, she isnt really having any more fluid then normal but we get wake upto wetness if she was in a boosted Ecobubs or any other kind of pocket!

      I’m also getting some new bamboo boosters for our WNNN, to help boost them but keep them trim and comfortable as most of the boosters I’ve got laying around are quite thick and wide. Will definitely keep you updated and pics will follow on the review.

      Take care,
      Michelle xx

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