Review: Fluff and Stuff Heavy Wetter fitted nappy

Before I ventured into the world of fitted nappies (ones that require a cover of some sort) I had heard great things about Fluff and Stuff nappies and had seen some very pretty ones being snapped up on preloved forums, but I stayed away from them due to the fear of fitteds being so much hassle. But, once I got that silly notion out of my head I was off like a shot to go own one of these gorgeous pieces of fluff for myself Chloe! I saw this beauty at Kingdom of Fluff and snapped it up, it is from the heavy wetter range and so should be good for night time use or just for heavy wetters during the day. It was £24.50 which sounds a lot but it is a good price for a night nappy. I must admit I was skeptical as to whether it would hold up at night time, but I reasoned it’s so pretty that I’d happily just use it during the day if needed! They aren’t that easy to come by here in the UK, so any place that does sell them have limited stock and tend to sell out quickly,  but there are some in medium and large sizes and in both the hand dyed organic cotton bamboo velour and cotton print outer varieties at Kingdom of Fluff.

So the basic ins and outs of the nappy are as follows, it has a total of 14 layers in the wet zone for superb absorbency and the lovely contoured shape of the inserts and nappy means that it hugs baby’s curves without giving that square/boxy look you get with some nappies. The main insert is two pieces which are sewn together at one end, so that they can be flapped open for quicker drying, the top of the main insert and inside the nappy is organic cotton bamboo velour for super soft comfort. The main insert snaps into the back of the nappy to prevent shifting and the booster snaps snuggly in between the two layers on the main insert. They have co-ordinating snaps and there’s matching fabric on underside of the main insert so that it can be easily identified as belonging to that nappy after washing, which is such a lovely idea and it makes it look so stylish too! This is a fitted nappy so it does need some sort of cover over the top, we’re using a Disana wool pull on over the top or a Flip cover if the wool is drying.

It all sounds like a dream and I was surprised at actually how tiny and trim the nappy looked compared to any other night nappies we own! The inside is indeed super soft and it has the real feel of quality to it. I must say I did try it on Chloe straight away, not overnight but just for about 3ish hours until it was bath time, and it was fine, I only used the main snap in insert but no leaks. After I gave it a good amount of prewashing over the next few days, we tried it overnight on Chloe, she sleeps from about 7:30pm to about 8am, so a good 12 hours and in that time she does generally have two 250ml bottles, one at bed time and then another anytime after 2am. And it was soaking wet in the morning and there was a little wet patch on her bedding, which didn’t surprise me totally as at the minute the same is happening when she wear’s a WNNN with an added booster. We have tried it again and the same happened, I’m sure if Chloe only had the one bottle then it would hold up fine but I dont think she’d agree to that! It is such a trim nappy that there’s no real way to boost it further but it is so gorgeous that I’ll probably just keep using it as a day nappy, I do really love it and would get another but at £25 I’d have to think long and hard first! I will give it a few more washes and try again overnight as I want it to work so much and will update on how it goes.

Ease of use: There are no pockets to stuff or anything, just simply snap in the insert and the booster if needed and pop on baby, no rise snaps to worry about, so it’s really OH/new to cloth user-friendly in that respect. As mentioned above, it does need a cover, which some do find as a tiresome extra step but all of our night nappies are now fitteds and we have a few day fitteds as well and I dont even think about it when I pop a wrap or some wool over them, and it only takes a few seconds extra.

Performance: It has been quite cold here, so nappies have been popped on the radiators to dry and this is quite quick to dry thanks to the inserts snapping and flapping out and being quite small. Chloe’s had it on during the day twice, without the booster in, and it’s lasted 4 hours easy, it’s just a real shame we cant make it go overnight. But at the minute, not a lot of nappies are holding up to Chloe so it might well work for an average wetter baby.

Design: I think this is not only a gorgeous nappy to look at but it feels such good quality, the sewn in designer look of the label,  the little touches on the inserts and the actual cut and fit of the nappy is amazing. The contoured inserts make it so trim and it still feels lovely and soft, the ruffled back to it not only looks cute but helps with a snug fit as well. I dont actually think there is a single thing I can think of that I would change on the nappy, except to make them easier to come by!

Overall: I love this nappy, I really do, it looks lovely, the fit is amazing but at nearly £25 I’d have to think hard about buying another if we can only use it during the day. As I’ve said, I wasnt surprised that it couldnt hold up overnight as compared to her other night nappies this is tiny, but I do think it would work for some overnight and even for Chloe when she decides to drop that second bottle. It’s such a pretty nappy that when it’s warmer I will happily pop it on Chloe in the day time just to show it off and if there were nearer the £20 mark then I would get more for just daytime use, no question. And if this had of worked for us overnight then I would have no hesitation about buying more and selling off our WNNN and other night nappies. But with night nappies, usually the bulkier nappy obviously the better they work/longer they last. Having said that, my fingers are still crossed that with a few more washes it will go the whole night leak free, but if it doesn’t then I wont be completely upset and will still keep it and it will get plenty of use for being such a gorgeous and well fitting nappy.

Michelle xx

I bought the nappy mentioned in this post and did this review because I wanted to, no compensation was received for doing it.

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