Monthly CSP club (yes really!).

I’m all for tying out as many different and new things as possible and now The Nappy Garden have made it even easier! I got excited when I saw on Facebook that they’ve launched a San Pro Club, you can sign up for a 1 month or 3 month membership and get sent different CSP once a month for the duration of your membership, yes fluffy mail for mummy!

There are different prices depending the type of CSP you’re after (light, regular, heavy and a variety) and it works out slightly cheaper if you sign up for the 3 months but the great thing is postage is free! Once you’ve signed up (which I will be doing as soon as I have the funds) you can state if there’s anything you dont like, ie minky topped ones etc, and then each month your fluffy mail will contain san pro to the value of, but often more, than what you’ve paid. You will receive a different brand, print, type or fabric top each month, so you get the opportunity to try out a wide variety of san pro. It’s a great way of trying out brands and types you may not normally come across, as well as saving money and not having to pay extra postage from different places!

An example they give is one month you might receive 2 WeeNotion pantyliners, then the next month 2 – 1 Hollow Oak liners and a travel wetbag or some Jimmy Riddles liners. They are hoping to get CSP in from, Jimmy Riddles, Hollow Oak, Wee Notions and Fluff and Stuff, which are all on my to try list!

So I am super excited about this, it gives me a chance to try things that I might not have picked out, and will hopefully like! Some more info is on it here and I will be posting what arrives in my fluffy mail every month!!

Michelle xx

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