Fluffy happenings.

Well it might be a bit quiet this week, OH caught a cough on friday and has been like the walking wounded all weekend and yesterday Chloe then became ill as well and this morning………………….yep, I’ve woken up with a sore throat/cough thingy. So there probably wont be that many reviews this week and if  they are then they might just be CSP ones as I just feel like crawling back into bed and sleeping until I feel better, whenever that might be!

But in fluffy news, hopefully Babybots will have the Grovia AI2’s in stock soon, in snaps and new prints!! I really want the Mod Flowers print and a few of the plain colours too, am super excited about getting them in snaps, no more velcro daisy chains in the wash yay!! Am pretty sure these are going to end up being our day time go to nappy, trim, bomb proof, pretty and as it’s an AI2 you can reuse the shells, meaning less washing to do. This is perfect timing too, as the Flips we tried just weren’t working for us and rubbed the tops of Chloe’s thighs so they have to go and the Grovia can replace them! In fact I still have some of the soakers from when we had the velcro version, which we loved but the velcro drove me crazy in the end. Iit is a shame they arent doing the old print in snaps as I love them but there are some nice new prints and colouts and snaps are the way forward for us!

Cant wait for the LLS night nappy to arrive as we’re still fighting a losing battle with Chloe, we’re making slight progress tho, no leaks but the nappies are completely sodden in the mornings and her skin is soaking wet, no good. I’ve tried some new bamboo boosters but if I put in too much to boost them then we get gapey legs which causes leaks etc so it’s an ongoing battle at the minute. Speaking of night times, Karen from Baby Smalls emailed me to say that she’s ready to make a soaker for Chloe at night once she’s caught upto date with a few other orders, so will be ordering one asap. And she’s found this lovely wool to use which is gorgeous, she’s going to knit it double layered so hopefully it will last the night and as its acrylic wool, no lanolising or special washing, so I can just shove it in with a normal wash. If it works with Chloe then I’ll definitely be getting more!

And lastly, I saw on Facebook that Cheeks and Cherries are now stocking Rockin Green, this is the first time I’ve seen it over here and I cant wait to try it after always reading such good things about it from across the pond. We use soapnuts on our nappies, which do a fine job and there’s never a need to strip wash due to no detergent build up, but they aren’t fab for stains and we do sometimes get some slight ammonia-y smelling nappies, mostly night ones, when they come out of the wash. So I’m thinking of using Rockin Green once a week just to freshen everything up, there’s so many scrummy scents though I’m having a tough time deciding between Smashing Watermelons or Rage Against the Raspberries!! Maybe I should just order a sample of each? Roll on payday!!!

Michelle xx

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