Review: Holden’s Landing Bedbug Plus

In my quest to get a night nappy to last until morning without leaking or leaving Chloe’s skin soaking wet I looked into Holden’s Landing Bedbugs, the new ‘plus’ version was available in a few shops so I decided to take the plunge. I got this gorgeous Tropical Rainbow one from Kingdom of Fluff in the M/L size, they have a good selection but it’s only one of each so you have to be quick before the size/colour you want is sold out. Mine has a purple fleece inside and on top of two of the soakers but there are some that are fully bamboo velour outside and in. It was £27.50 which is the going rate for a good fitted night nappy, the bedbugs have a hidden layer of organic cotton fleece with a core of microfibre for superior absorbency and have 2 lay in contoured soakers with a microfibre core for more absorbency and an extra smaller lay in soaker.You can order custom ones direct from Bonnie at Holden’s Landing and have them made with amazing embroidery and different dying techniques, etc but obviously they can end up costing quite a lot with added extras and also the shipping costs to the UK, so unless you know they are great on your baby, you are probably best getting one from a UK stockists to try first.

I have to say, I didnt realise I’d ordered a fleece lined one in my rush and excitement to order and if given the option I think I would have gone for fully bamboo velour inside and out. But having said that I dont think it makes a whole lot of difference, I just personally think fully BV makes it a bit more thirstier and maybe comfier but that just might be in my head! Still I was blown away by how gorgeous the nappy was, the colours are lovely and bright and it feels soft and squishy.

I was also happy at the trim fit of it, I couldnt actually believe it was a M/L size as it’s smaller then our medium WNNN but it does have more stretch to it, giving it a lovely fit. I’m not sure if it will last until the 30lb weight range the sizing guide mentions but for now it fits great and we’re using the third (out of four) loosest snaps for thighs and the second (out of four) loosest snaps for the waist. I gave it a lot of prewashing before we tried it at night and I used the two larger contoured soakers on the first night and in the morning (after 12 hours) the outside was only slightly damp, result! But I have to say that was a bit of a fluke, as the next time it was wetter on the outside and on Chloe’s skin so then we used all three of the soakers and it was better. It’s not perfect as some mornings Chloe’s skin is wet but others it’s only faintly damp but we’re not having any leaks with it so we’re getting there. I think as soon as Chloe decides to drop the early hours of the morning bottle then it will be 100% but for the last few nights I’ve swapped the smaller soaker for a bamboo booster and it’s much drier.

Ease of use: No stuffing or putting together other than laying in the soakers so it is super easy. I especially love the fact I can just throw it all into the nappy bin as it is, rather then having to fiddle about unsnapping or pulling out wet inserts, as it all just falls apart and separates in the wash.

Performance: It is working better than our boosted WNNN and there hasnt been any leaks and as mentioned changing the smaller soaker for a bamboo booster means that Chloe’s skin stays nice and dry by the morning. It would be interesting to see if a full bamboo velour one did make a difference and meant we wouldnt need the extra booster, if I do get another then I will compare them. The leg elastic is lovely and strong but is well padded too and hasnt left any red marks on her legs, which had happened with other nappies lately. Drying time isn’t amazing but that’s to be expected with night nappies, at the minute generally I pop it over the radiator overnight as just leaving it on an airer means it does take a long time.

Design: I do love the squishy feel to these and they look gorgeous too, the colours are so vibrant it almost feels bad to put a cover over them and use them at night when no one can see! It does feel like a really good quality nappy, nice thick fabric, good stitching and the contoured fit of this is amazing for a night nappy. We could even get away with using it during the day under normal clothes if we wanted as it’s so trim and when it’s next to one of our WNNN it does look like a day nappy as it’s so trim. The only thing I can find to question is whether or not it will last up to the 30lbish mark, but weight sizes do differ and one baby might outgrow it at 25lb and another at 33lb so only time will tell on that I guess, but it fits like a dream now.

Overall: I think this is one of both mine and OH’s favourite night nappies and it always gets picked to put on Chloe first over anything else, gorgeous, easy to put on and it’s doing a better job than most others. As I said, if I were to get another I would go for fully bamboo velour but that’s just me and there probably isnt a lot of difference absorbency wise between them. If you’re still unsure about trying them then they are often on preloved boards for a bargain if you just want to try one before spending a big amount. This is definitely a keeper and I have been tempted to get another and the only thing stopping me is that we have a few other makes of night nappies being made/on their way to us but they are going to have to be pretty amazing to come close to beating the bedbug plus at both absorbency and trimness!

Michelle xx

Update 1st June 2011

Just wanted to do a little update to say that we do love our HL BB+ and we did actually get another in full BV in and out (excuse the dark picture) and I’ve got another on order, oops! Again I got them from Kingdom of Fluff and they were £27.50 each, and I do think that they are thirstier then the fleece lined one and indeed they are slightly larger fitting, which isnt a problem at all, in fact I prefer it! We do still have to use all 3 of the inserts but Chloe’s skin is nice and dry in the morning, drying time with being all BV is slightly longer than the fleece one but it’s as you’d expect from a night nappy. The fit is still great and leaves no red marks on Chloe’s legs, I’d definitely recommend these to everyone, you can easily get one preloved for a bit cheaper if you just want to try them out. I would possibly be happy just having these as our night nappies, the full BV ones, but others like the fleece lining so it’s really just personal preference but they’re still gorgeous!!

Michelle xx

I bought the nappies mentioned in this post and did this review because I wanted to, no compensation was received for doing it.

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