Fluffy mail.

We’re still feeling a bit under the weather here but I need to share the fluffy mail love that has arrived in the last week. So firstly the super cute Hello Kitty Muttaqin one size I ordered from Kingdom of Fluff arrived, it’s lovely and squishy soft and I so wish it was the summer now so that we can show it off when out and about. So far Chloe’s had it on a few times and the fit has been good, she’s only wore it on its own so I’ve changed her after a few hours but next time it’s on I’ll see how well it fares for 3/4 hours when it’s got a cover over it. Am definitely thinking a few more of these for summer time on their own under skirts is going to be needed!

Also I mentioned Cheeks and Cherries stocking Rockin Green the other day, well they kindly sent me a few samples to try, Rage Against The Raspberry and Smashing Watermelons (I seriously love the names and whole branding they do!). I did mean to soak the nappies as per instructions for a deep clean but in my excitement I put the wash on a normal cycle, so I will be doing the deep cleaning soak hopefully tomorrow. And it may just be because my nose is still blocked up, but there was no real fragrance left on the nappies when they came out of the washing machine, no hint of raspberriness left which I was looking forward to but as I say, maybe I just couldnt smell it or maybe it’s not supposed to linger after the wash! But anyway, I will be ordering a full bag of the Rockin Green, once I’ve decided which scent I like best, and I so need to get the nappy pail powder, as ours could do with smelling a bit less like an ammonia party is going on inside 24/7!

Also my monthly Cloth San Pro mail arrived this week from The Nappy Garden, I only signed up the other week so I wasnt expecting anything for a while so was really happy to get some fluffy mail for myself! So this month I got a sage and brown spot minky Wee Notions Pul backed liner and a Hollow Oak purple bamboo velour topped liner. Both makes have been on my ‘to try’ list so again I was very happy. I have washed and given them both a little wear and I did think the Pul WN one might be uncomfortable as it seemed big and crinkly sounding when I was looking at it, but it is so super soft and comfy I did forget I was wearing it. Am very happy with them both and I will try to make time to add pics  and info to the Eco/CSP section soon!

And our Charlie Banana arrived from Babykind, yay!! We’ve been waiting for this Butterfly print to be in stock over here for months but I’m so glad I waited for it as it’s gorgeous! Even prettier in real life than in the pics, and the nappy is pretty amazing too! I went for the one size in the end and rather than a snap down rise at the front of the nappy like most BTP nappies, the elastic inside the legholes can be tightened up or loosened for different size babies! So ingenious,  easy to do and it makes the nappy much more streamlined, plus the inside is incredibly soft, possibly the softest inner I’ve felt, I hope it washes well and the inserts are lovely and trim and did I mention it’s gorgeous? I had a good fiddle with it and popped it straight on Chloe, the fit is great too, no bulky sumo wrestler look, I wouldnt have even thought it was a one size nappy, it looks as trim as a sized! So am very pleased with it and cant wait to get using it more for reviewing and see if it does have any flaws as so far it looks perfect!

Okay and so on to the last bit of fluffy mail, even though I only ordered this late on friday, the lovely Lynsey at Babybots managed to get my GroVia order out to me asap and it arrived this morning, granted I have been bugging her nonstop about the arrival of the GroVia for ages and she probably just wanted me off her case but I am just that excited!! So I ordered 2 sets of shells, one in ice and the other in the new mod flowers print, again the pics dont do it justice, and a pack of 2 soakers as I still have plenty leftover from when we were using the velcro shells. I would have ordered a few more shells but am seriously depleted the fluffy funds this month! The snaps seem perfect, nice and strong, a crossover setting, no folding over the laundry tabs to worry about, bliss! Have already popped Chloe in one and the fit is perfect, gorgeous and trim, this is definitely in the running to be one of my top nappies of 2011!

So, I have been overwhelmed in fluffy mail love (but of course there is always room for more!) and am looking forward to a fun few weeks testing out all our new recruits and seeing how well they hold up to Chloe! I bet 99% of people will think I’m mad for being so excited about getting new nappies but I dont care, my name is Michelle and I am a fully fledged nappy loon!

Thanks for reading and I wish everyone a lovely weekend!

Michelle xx

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2 Responses to Fluffy mail.

  1. Anna says:

    Hello! Thanks for stopping by my blog. Just wanted to see yours and say I love Itti Bitti nappies myself!

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