Review: Jimmy Riddles light pad (CSP)

Firstly for those that have stumbled across this page and havent a clue what this is all about, we’re talking CSP or cloth sanitary protection. Yes that’s right, washable and reusable cloth pads for a woman’s monthlies. If this scares you at all and is not your cup of tea then please move on, otherwise this post is to help people learn more about CSP and discover more about this particular brand. Thanks xx

I’d heard talk of Jimmy Riddles CSP as being a lot of people’s favourites but I had trouble tracking some down as the hyena cart shop was closed, but luckily I came across some at Luxury Moon so snapped up this pretty red splash on lilac light pad. It was £5.25, about 8″ long by 2″ wide, topped with hand dyed bamboo/cotton velour, its centre layer is of bamboo/cotton french terry and has a backing of pink PUL.

I have to say it is a really well made pad but I’m not a fan of the small wings, the pad just seemed to move about a bit. It has washed well, the colours have stayed nice and bright and it’s stayed nice and soft. I know some people aren’t a fan of PUL but I’ve found it fine, no problems wearing it and would buy more PUL pads. I liked the length of the pad but the shaping too it was a little bit more than I liked, maybe as this is a light pad rather than just a normal pantyliner but I havent been able to find any JR liners so not sure if they’d be shaped different or not.

These are very pretty pads, I had a tough time picking which to get as they all looked so lovely but I’m not a fan of the wings, and prefer the thicker kinds. I can see why these are so popular, especially when using on their own as they are lovely and soft and if I come across some with different wings then I would definitely get another to try but this one is one of my last to reach for ones.

Michelle xx

I bought the pads mentioned in this post and did this review because I wanted to, no compensation was received for reviewing them.

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