Review: Monkey Snuggles night nappy

Monkey Snuggles nappies are still new to the UK, I missed the first few stockings of these at Babybots but when I saw they had a new shipment of the overnights then I quickly added one in the Regalia colour to my basket. I have to say the colour wasnt as dark and vibrant when it arrived as the picture on the website but it’s still got lovely purple/blue hues in it. They are £19.49 and are a one size, quick drying nappy. They have 17 layers of Bamboo for amazing absorbency, with 2 sets of snap in soakers, one at each end of the nappy.

When it first arrived and I got my hands on it, I did think that it was surprisingly thin for a night nappy, even with having 17 layers of bamboo in it, I could have easily mistaken it for just another day fitted nappy. The fit was good, there’s a crossover setting and the front of the nappy can be folded down and snapped to a bottom row of snaps on the outside of the nappy, making the rise shorter for smaller babies. I have to say the quality didnt really feel there, the stitching on the soakers were already coming apart slightly when it first arrived and there are quite a few loose threads now, also the nappy has gone quite stiff, I’m sure a tumble in the dryer would soften it up but I dont really like to use the dryer more than I actually need to. Maybe drying it over the radiator isnt helping and maybe if dried outside (if only it was dryer and warmer) then it wouldnt be a problem but I havent noticed any other of our fitted nappies going stiff like this, especially only after a few weeks of use.

It hasnt done an amazing job either, in the morning there is usually a leak on Chloe’s bedding or hers skin is soaking to the touch, which is shame as it’s an affordable night nappy compared to some others. Bearing in mind that Chloe is out peeing nearly all night nappies at the minute, I think this would probably work fine for an average night wetter but if you have a heavier wetter then stay away or be prepared to boost heavily.

Ease of use: There’s nothing to stuff, but snap in both the soakers and away you go, it does require a cover of some sort though.

Performance: Doesnt really work for us, unless I put it a lot of extra boosting,  I have been giving it lots of extra washes to make sure it’s fully upto absorbency but it hasnt really made any difference. Drying time is really good for a night nappy but as mentioned I have found that it has gone a bit stiff/hard and isnt as soft as other nappies.

Design: I do like the snap in soakers but the nappy itself doesnt have that wow factor to it that makes me want to keep on trying to make it work for us. They do have a nice range of designs and prints and it is very trim, but I’d rather have a bulky night nappy that works then a trim night nappy that needs boosting!

Overall: I was super excited to try this and I know a lot of people find it great for their babies but for us it just isnt absorbent enough. I do like the style of the nappy but even if it kept Chloe dryer I’m still not sure if it would be a favourite for us as the quality/wow factor just isnt there. For the price it’s definitely worth a try if you havent got a wee monster at nights like Chloe, and I’ve heard great things about the normal day nappy version but it’s just lacking for a heavy wetter at nights. I am glad we tried it and it’s a shame it’s not for us.

Michelle xx

I bought the nappy mentioned in this post and did this review because I wanted to, no compensation was received for doing it.

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