Fluffy mail and happenings

This week started off with a lovely fluffy mail delivery off my Dunk n Fluff order from Kingdom of Fluff, a gorgeous fitted nappy and matching wrap. I’m not normally a fan of PUL wraps but this one doesnt even feel like PUL, it’s so soft and stretchy and of course it all had to go straight on Chloe! And I know I describe a lot of nappies as squishy and super soft but the Dunk n Fluff is silky and buttery soft to the touch, honestly one of the softest I’ve felt yet! I ordered the set in a medium and I was a little worried as Dunk n Fluff nappies do fit on the larger side but the nappy fits great, Chloe is on the smallest settings on the wrap but it means we’ll be able to use it over night nappies if needed which is good. It lasted a good few hours without a prewash and I cant wait for it to be washed again so we can put them on and show them off, it’s so nice having a matching wrap and the gorgeous print can still be seen but at the same time it’s waterproof!! Am super happy I got them and cant wait to get some more sets for the summer, the review will be a few weeks but I think Dunk n Fluff are another favourite!!

Also the lovely Alix at Cheeks and Cherries sent me a Bitti Boo to try, which I know a lot of people love and use so I was excited to be able to try one. It only arrived this morning but I will pop in on Chloe at the next change, it feels lovely and velvety soft and I’m going to try it as a night nappy with an extra booster snapped in. I’m not sure if it will work for us overnight as Chloe is a super wetter but we’ll give it a shot and if it doesnt last then it will make a lovely trim day nappy. It’s the same inside as a D’Lish SIO, a contoured snap in soaker and a trifold snap in soaker but as it’s a fitted and there isnt any PUL in the nappy, it’s lovely and soft but I will definitely give it a lot of prewashing before trying it overnight.

So it’s been a lovely week for fluffy stuff and we’ve been using our new Charlie Banana and GroVia nappies in snaps which we love. And I’ve had a bit of a clear out of some of our other pockets and some of our night nappies that aren’t really working so well for us and require a lot of boosting and am going to find them new homes and with the money raised buy some more GroVia shells and see if there’s any other night nappies we can try. Hopefully our LLS night nappy will be finished in the next few weeks, so am really looking forward to getting that to try and we have an acrylic soaker on order at Baby Smalls for use at night times so more fluffy post to look forward to!

We were planning a lovely walk today but we’ve woken up to a few inches of snow and it’s still falling, so it looks like a weekend inside in the warm and maybe if the snow has stopped tomorrow we’ll go out for a snowy walk. Thanks as always for reading and commenting and will be finishing up some updates next week and adding some new reviews, have a lovely weekend!

Michelle xx

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2 Responses to Fluffy mail and happenings

  1. elaine says:

    Hi Michelle,
    Quick question about the Itti bitti dipe, is it better than the Tutto? Also, can’t wait to hear how you do with the Rockin’ Green detergent.


    • Michelle says:

      Hi, well I guess it depends what you’re after, the Bitti Boo is a fitted so needs a cover but I know a lot of people like to use them without a cover during the day at home. I’m really not sure if it will manage over night but will update when we do try it. The Tutto is great one size nappy but Chloe used to out wee it with all 3 inserts in after about 2/3 hours so in the end I got rid of ours, but if your LO isnt a heavy wetter then I do think they are great nappies.
      So far so good with the RG, I gave the nappies a good soak in them and the water looked very murky so I think it got out lots of nasties, am using it ever wash and will probably put up a post about it next week!

      Hope that helps!

      Michelle xx

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