Chloe and blog updates

Well Chloe is fast coming upto 16 months now and she seems to be getting bigger everyday! Currently she has 8 teeth but the teething signs are cropping up again so I think we’re due for some more soon which isnt going to be fun! She has now mastered taking clunky steps on her own and will happily charge from one person to the next with no fear of her safety! Which also applies to her now climbing up on anything within reach. No longer are books, the baby monitor, mobile phones and anything that was previously out of reach up on the side safe, everything is now fair game and as soon as your back is turned ends up in the grubby little mits of Chloe!

She’s also now getting into the 9-12 month size of clothes, they are a little on the big side but smaller sizes are too short in the arms and legs so the baggy look it is! We got her first pair of shoes from Clarks at around her birthday in October, they are pink and a 2.5f which is the smallest size cruiser shoes they had and they only came in pink! Which reminds me we must go back to get her reassured next time we go into town, although Chloe isnt a fast grower and she only has them on when we go out somewhere I still want to make sure they fit okay. And next time hopefully they might have a bigger selection to choose from, as the pink ones are super cute but a brown pair would go much better with any outfit she wears, ideally I’d like to get two pairs but they are pricey and she probably wont be wearing them for long so the one pair will have to do for now.

On the blog side of things, I’ve finally sorted out a Twitter account (fluffy_mummy) and hopefully will post little tweets about fluffy mail or those naughty ‘accidentally slipping and buying things’ moments that happen! I will sort out a FB page too this week, it is written down on my to do list so it shall be done!!

Also I do want to start talking/rambling/reviewing about other things that we come across in everyday life but this doesnt mean that I’m not still a nappy addict, it’s just there are many things that we get and use and I think they’re great and want to share them and I just generally like to talk! And I’m sure it will be a welcomed break to some instead of reading about our fluff addiction all week, every week! I dont have anything planned to blog about but it will be nice to be able to share non fluffy things on here as and when they come up.

I’ve also been reading about the British Mummy Bloggers Do It With Integrity code of ethics, and I totally agree with it and will follow it as best I can. Here is the breakdown:

* Make transparent any relationships with products or companies;
* Clearly label advertising, advertorials and/or sponsored posts;
* Always write as truthfully as possible about a product or company;
* Observe intellectual property rights.

Now it’s not often I do get sent anything for free to review but if I do I will follow the above, I have no plans to do any advertising spots or sponsored posts as at the end of the day this is my blog and my thoughts and rambling and I dont want to compromise that and feel that my words are being brought. But I do want to be thought of as being honest and truthful and will say what I think of something regardless of whether I bought it, was given it or the magical fairies left it under my pillow. After all, these are just my thoughts on things, it doesnt mean you have to agree with that I think and follow what I say, I doubt that anyone that goes online looking for a review on something will take the first one that they read as gospel and not read any more. Things will work well for some and not for others, you wont really 100% know until you try it but reading about someone else’s experiences can be interesting and at least open your eyes to new things out there.

Okay enough talking, this was meant to be a quick post but has turned into a monster! I’ll be finishing up some reviews this week and adding a few new ones so stay posted!!

Michelle xx

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5 Responses to Chloe and blog updates

  1. Emma says:

    Have you got your new bag yet? I want the Peace Blossom print but can’t decide between the Blooming Gorgeous or Norland Tote styles – like you I’m an obsessive researcher and have been deliberating for weeks!!

    • Emma says:

      Sorry – put that comment in the wrong place!

    • Michelle says:

      hi, yes I have and I L.O.V.E. it! It is huge tho but that just means I can pack everything I need (and some things I dont) into it, perfect for days out places.

      The print is really lovely, I looked at the totes but they didnt do it for me, think I just prefer the flowers on the BG then the YM cupcake! Also I liked that the end pockets on the BG bags have flaps over them, I know the YM bags dont but not sure about the totes. Anyway I was planning to do a nice big post about it with lots of pics, it will probably be the start of next week now but I do love my bag and am glad I’ve finally got the one I really wanted!

      Take care xx

      • Emma says:

        Huge is good… I’ve got a nearly 2yr old toddler and 3mth old twins!!! Saying that, I actually wanted something a little smaller than the huge JuJuBe BePrepared that I currently lug about.. for those rare days when I don’t need to cart as much with me. Hmm decisions, decisions!

        BTW, there’s an BNWT Green BG bag on Ebay at the moment… same as the one in your picture 😉

  2. Michelle says:

    I’m not even going to go look at it on Ebay, I do love the print I have now so it all worked out for the best in the end! Twins and a toddler!!! Eeek! If it was me I’d be wanting some kind of magical Mary Poppins bag! I did look at the JuJuBe bags but none of the prints really grabbed me.

    I do still love the idea of the Pacapod bag but they were far too big for me but I do love everything to be organised! Saying that I think I’m going to miss just having a ‘normal’ sized handbag when Chloe is older, it is nice to have everything you could possibly need to hand!

    Good luck on finding the perfect bag (if there is such a thing!) xx

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