Changing bag drama

This is probably going to be a very boring read for a lot of people but I just had to vent and let it out so here goes! Our first changing bag was a Skip Hop Dash Deluxe in Cherry Blossom, which I did do a bit of researching before I bought it and found it to have some great features. Attaches to pram, large zippered pocket, lots of outside and inside pockets, changing mat and not too girly so OH doesnt mind carrying it if needed. It was a good price at about £50ish as I managed to use a discount code and it lasted until Chloe was just over a year. Then I begin to feel like I wanted something a bit more stylish.

So just after Christmas I saw the Pink Lining sale and snapped up the Chocolate Leather messenger bag – now this was an impulse buy, I didnt really research it, I saw it and showed it to OH and he said ‘Get it, it’s nice’, so I did. And it is a lovely bag, looks nice and stylish but it drives me mad! No outside pockets, except the little side bottle ones, the inside zippered pocket is tiny, all the other inside pockets are small, the insulated bottle bag thingy is separate and fiddly, the change mat isnt that brilliant, it only has hidden magnetic closures so its doesnt properly close shut tight so Chloe constantly just flips open the flap and empties the bag and well, I just dont like it very much! I like the look of it, if I saw someone with it I’d think, that’s a nice bag but it just doesnt really work for me and if I’d had a look online some more I probably wouldnt have ended up getting it. I’m normally so thorough when I buy something, I look at a ton of reviews and videos and after a few days, maybe a week I either get it or if I’m still unsure I just walk away. I should know by now that if I’m unsure it generally means I dont like it 100% so it’s not going to be for me but I got sucked into how pretty it was and I just wanted to be impulsive for once. *sigh*

So anyway I’ve been using the bag for a few months and it doesnt make me happy, so I started looking at different bags, the Pacapod looked fab, inner pods that contain all change bits in one and all feeding bits in another but the look of the bags didnt grab me and they are quite large (to accommodate the pods) so  I passed on that. And then randomly on friday there was a knock at the door and a delivery lady handed me a Pink Lining box and asked me to sign for it. I thought ‘Oh maybe its a late bday present from OH’ and signed and opened it up to find one of the satchel bags, to be honest it wasnt my taste at all and I was a little confused as thinking on it OH knows better than to surprise me as he knows I’m a picky so and so. So I text my mum and asked her if she’d got me it (as there was no order info in the box or anything) and it’s something she would probably do but she was firm that it was nothing to do with her. I asked OH that night and it wasnt from him either, so I have another think and can only come up with that it must be a competition win and I’ve just missed the email or whatever. I leave it in the box and email Pink Lining to ask where it’s come from and get a reply to say that actually it’s not meant for me and that there is someone else with my name and it got sent to me by mistake!

Very strange, I mean, I dont have a very common name, in fact I’ve never met anyone with the same surname as me, spelt the same way, let alone same first and last name and you’d think they must get tons of people with the same name ordering from them so how would the computer randomly sent assign my address to someone elses name? Anyway I guess it’s a good thing that I didnt open it and use it over the weekend before I got the reply as they arranged to have it collected but they did say as a thank you for being honest about it and contacting them they’d sent me a little something. Which arrived a day later and is a gorgeous bottle holder and lovely travel change mat and the print is gorgeous!! I’ve never really been a fan of the ‘Yummy Mummy’ bags and the floral prints but this greeny one is amazing it really pops, so then I started to look for the bag that matches it and I loved it but it’s last years print so I cant find it in the ‘Blooming Gorgeous’ bag (which I prefer to the yummy mummy one). So I looked at some youtube vids and became a bit obsessed with looking at reviews of the bags and have now decided I want one of the bags, but as I cant have it in the green print I’ve got my eye on the new peace blossom print one. So now I intend to raid the fluffy funds in paypal to get the bag and then sell the current one when the new one arrives and then replace the money. So a simple mis-delivery has led to me (hopefully) finding a bag that I really like and if when I get it its not perfect then tough I’m just going to keep it anyway as I’m not getting rid of it!

Gosh I’ve just re-read that and I sound so neurotic and mad! Oh well, it’s good to share and let it out I guess!! Right back to the washing before Chloe wakes up.

Michelle xx

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