Review: Charlie Banana onesize pocket

Charlie Banana nappies were released here in the UK at the end of last year, unfortunately the Butterfly print (the one that I set my heart on) was delayed and didnt arrive in until February but Babykind were lovely and kept me updated along the way and it was worth the wait! They come in a huge range of 17 colours and 3 gorgeous prints, in both a one size style (£14.99-£15.49) and sized (£12.99-£13.49). I picked the one size as we sometimes find that Chloe is too long for a medium nappy but it still fits on the tightest waist setting so a large is usually out of the question. Also the Charlie Banana one size nappies are different to the normal snap rises that we’ve used before, as it uses a leg elastic system for adjusting the leg holes to different sizes. This was exciting as it means there are no rise snaps on the outer and you can get a really customised fit around the legs.

The elastic is hidden away under the flap on the pocket, you simply push a button through holes in the elastic to loosen or tighten the legs. Thankfully the sizes are printed next to the holes, there are 2 small, 2 medium and 2 large sizes, which is a big range when you think that normally a snap rise has only 3/4 sizes in total, the Charlie Banana has 6! And another nice little feature is that the excess elastic can be tucked into a little hole in the pocket lining so it’s kept out of the way.

The waist snaps are slightly different to the average nappy as well, there are 3 snaps to do up on each wing, two on the waist line (which I guess helps to stop wing droopage) and one near the legs. The leg one helps to give a better fit if you have a baby with an ‘odd shape’, ie big thighs and small waist or big waist and small thighs (Chloe is one of the former and we sometimes get red marks on her thighs from some nappies that just have the one snap on the waist). You can see how the leg snaps taper down for a nice snug fit for smaller thighs, plus there is an open snap on one of the wings for a crossover setting for really tiny babies which is always a must in a one size nappy I think.

It has nice wide back elastic which gives a snug fit and the inside is a really soft and fluffy fleece lining, almost as soft as some of the bamboo velour nappies we have, I was really surprised at how lovely it was and it has stayed soft. It has a front opening pocket which makes it easy to get to and adjust the leg elastic. There is also the option to use disposable inserts with the nappy, I havent managed to get hold of these so I cant comment on the inserts themselves. But the idea is you can use the nappy like a normal pocket nappy with the reuseable inserts it comes with or buy some of the disposable ones and simply slide one end under the front flap on the pocket to keep it in place, lay the insert on top of the lining of the pocket and then just replace the disposable insert when needed. As I said I havent tried it but I’m not sure how well it would work, if the insert would be secure enough not to move about and if the insert would be good enough to stop the lining of the nappy from getting wet and dirty, meaning you’d have to change the whole nappy anyway! So I’m not sure on how well a hybrid nappy it would be but I guess it’s always nice to have another option, especially if you’re going on holiday or travelling, hopefully I’ll be able to get some to try at some point.

The two microterry inserts it comes with are really nice, one small and one medium/large, they are very trim and you dont need to snap or fold them down for the different sizes which I love as it makes the nappy fit much slimmer. The labels on them are very eye-catching too, which makes it easier when it comes to  putting them together as they’re easy to spot. They dry nice and quick and the larger one lasted 3.5 hours on Chloe which included a nap and I’m sure if you used both inserts you could get away with longer but without it being bulky.

Ease of use: It’s lovely and easy to stuff the insert in, the pocket opening is nice and wide, having the opening at the front doesnt make it any easier or harder in my opinion. It does take a few goes to get the right leg setting for your little one, I tried the 2nd medium setting at first but then changed it to the 1st large for Chloe’s chubby thighs. I wouldnt call it fiddly to do and once you’ve found the right setting you dont have to change it again until they have a growth spurt.

Performance: No complaints, this worked really well for us, no leaks at all, good for 3-4 hours, drying time is quick and both inserts and the nappy itself has stayed nice and soft.

Design: This is a great nappy, not only are the range of colours and prints impressive but a lot of thought has gone into how best to make it fit your baby. The leg adjustment system is fantastic, not only does it give a great fit but it does away with the rise snaps as well, making the nappy look better, it doesnt actually look like a one size nappy it’s so trim. The waist and legs snaps also help give a good fit with the option of being able to snap it up tighter or looser around the legs as needed and the inside is lovely and soft. The look of the nappy is spot on too, not only the gorgeous print which I love but the labels on both the nappy and inserts are nicely done and it does look like a very designer-y stylish nappy!

Overall: I love, love, love this nappy, (you can probably tell due to the amount of pics!) from the perfect trim fit, to the gorgeous print! I think the pricing is really good for such a quality one size nappy, especially for the prints. The fit of it is really great and its so slim when on you wouldnt think it was a one size, I’m not really sure why they did a sized version too as the one size has such a great fit it seems a bit redundant to spend more money getting sized ones (and I’m normally an advocate for sized nappies over a one size!). If I were having a new baby sometime soon then I would want a big pack of Charlie Banana one size nappies waiting at home for us to use and even more so if we had a boy as it’s nice to see a lot of boy friendly colours/prints. I am hoping there will be new colours/prints out this year as some of them are called the 2010 collection so I will be on the look out for updates on a 2011 collection. Prints are always a big plus for me but even if they only had the plain colours I’d still love this nappy, functional, trim and well designed, they havent compromised on the quality and performance of the nappy for just a pretty look. It works fantastic, I would definitely call this a designer nappy and I think it would make a great addition to anyone’s stash. A keeper for us, I would rather have these then BG V4’s or most of the ‘standard’ pockets anyday, it’s great to find a pretty one size that fits like a sized, I cant wait to see what else they bring out this year!

Michelle xx

I bought the nappy mentioned in this post and did this review because I wanted to, no compensation was received for doing it.

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5 Responses to Review: Charlie Banana onesize pocket

  1. elaine says:

    Hi Michelle,

    Are these similar to Fuzzi Bunz dipes?


    • Michelle says:

      Hello, hope you are well. Unfortunately I’ve never tried a FB so I cant say sorry!

      Hope you managed to sort out your night nappy situation!

      Michelle xx

  2. elaine says:

    Still stuffing pockets with three boosters! Waiting for my Holden’s Landing bedbug plus custom. I really do not want to resort to using disposable night nappies.

    The nappies were really starting to smell like a dive bar on a Sat. night and then I used rockin’ green. I did the soak and wash and it seemed to work. Waiting to get their funk rock ammonia bouncer.

    Fuzzi Bunz have the same leg system and button system. You should check them out.

    • Michelle says:

      Ohh Good luck on the Bedbug+, I’d love a custom one! The RG has made our nappies less ammonia-stinky too, I am impressed and I want to get the Funk Rock as well, the nappy pail shaker is good too!

      I always meant to try FB but the colours/prints never drew me in, if I see them on offer I might get one, not a huge fan of pockets anymore, am prefering the gorgeous fitteds now!

      Take care xx

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