Luscious fluffy mail!!

Today the postman had some Luscious fluffy mail for us, yes our Luscious Little Somethings order arrived!! I was so excited I did nearly squeal, but Chloe was having a nap so I it was a silent, internal squeal of happiness!!

The colours are more gorgeous than I thought they would be and the nappy is lovely and squidgy!! I ordered some CSP as well ( I only ordered 5 but there was some fabric left over so the lovely Amber kindly made 8 in total! Lucky me!) and I got a few wipes as well. I wasn’t sure how it would come out as I just picked the colours and a scrumpled dye effect but it is totally, well, luscious!! I am so happy, I’ve already had it in the machine for some prewashing and it is drying as we speak, fingers crossed it will be dry for bedtime tonight as I cant wait to get it on Chloe’s bum!! Will update once it’s had some more prewashing and a few uses but I have a good feeling about this as a night nappy as it’s got some extra zorb sewn into the core and it came with 3 boosters!!

Michelle xx

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