Busy, busy. busy!

Well we havent been really super busy, but it does feel like it! I had a big clear out of Chloe’s clothes the other day, it’s hard because as much as I’d love to keep every cute outfit she’s ever worn, it’s just not feasible and we’re running out of space! Hopefully another baby will look just as cute as Chloe did and will get lots of wear and fun out of them so that’s a good thing. Although I was bad and did buy a few bits in the Pumpkin Patch online sale! They have lovely stuff but I do only ever buy when there’s a bit of a sale on as it is expensive, gorgeous but expensive, will take a pics when I next remember!

Chloe is now toddling everywhere, following me into the kitchen, walking up and down the length of the living/dining room. It’s amazing how only a few weeks ago she was unsure of the whole walking thing and would only take a few steps with you giving her tons of encouragement and now it’s just like second nature and she doesnt even seem to know she’s doing it! Our little girl is growing up!

Hopefully at the weekend we might be going to a Sea Life centre type of place, I cant wait and I’m sure Daddy is going to be carrying Chloe so she can get the best views of everything! Also my mum might be popping up next week, havent seen her since Christmas so am excited about that too, she’ll be blown away by Chloe I’m sure!

The sun is starting to come out but everyday I do the nappy wash it seems to be the only day it’s overcast and cold! Hopefully I might catch it next time, will deff take a pic of them all blowing on the line! Chloe’s teething rash has gone and a few more teeth have now emerged, bless.

I though I might start posting about our favourite things each month as Chloe has a new book that she loves and giggles her head off every time we read it so that is a fav as is her playing with the red silicone muffin tray! Have no idea why she likes it but she’ll shoot off with it and put it on her head and play with it for ages!! Will think of a few more bits we love and pop up a post soon.

Thanks for reading this short but hopefully sweet update and hope everyone has a lovely scrummy pancake day!!

Michelle xx

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