Our visit to The Deep!!

So on Saturday we drove to Hull to go to The Deep and see some fishes (well Daddy was more interested in seeing the sharks but still). The drive was about 1 hour, 30 mins and Chloe was more than happy babbling away and blowing raspberries continuously! There was lots of exhibits which we did kind of skip through as they were a little too old for Chloe so she found them boring but once we got to the big aquariums she loved watching the fish.

There was no flash photography allowed (understandably) so these pics are a bit dark, Daddy has some lovely ones on his iPhone that have turned out better and we have lots of videos of Chloe peering into the tanks with interest. We had lunch there and then went round again, Chloe did start to flag a bit and ended up having a little nap in the pram. We missed the feeding and diving shows but that gives us even more reason to go back another time, especially when Chloe is a bit more stable on her feet. I especially loved the turtles, they looked so cute and I won the ‘first to spot Nemo’ competition we had. It was a lovely day and would well recommend it, I could have sat and watched them swim round for ages it was so mesmerising and peaceful.

Hopefully next time we can go on a week day so it might be a tad quieter, but it was lovely and am looking forward to next time!

Michelle xx


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