A spot of shopping……oops!

We have been VERY naughty and got lots of nice things over the past week or so, but from now on we’re going to be super super good and save lots of pennies but I thought I’d share the splurges!

On Sunday we went into town, it was a lovely day and we needed to go as Chloe needed remeasuring for some shoes at Clarks, so this wasnt really a splurge, more a necessity! Anyway she is now a 3.5F and as she is now walking she is in the proper shoes! Last time when she was only a 2.5F and cruising, there was only 1 choice, but now we had about 4/5 to pick from. I was hoping to get a brown or purple pair as last time the choice was pink and although they are cute, they dont go with every outfit! But actually pink was the best pick of the bunch this time, so we ended up getting these…

They have little red lights in the heel that flash when Chloe walks/stomps about, she hasnt noticed them yet but it’s very cute. She wasnt too sure on them at first, I think because the sole is much thicker then she’s used to, she was a bit miffed as to why it was suddenly harder to walk but she does look super grown up in them! They were £28 eek! Hopefully they will be lasting a good 2+ months but who knows, Chloe might suddenly decide to have a huge growth spurt but we will see.

So also whilst we were in town we popped into Early Learning Centre which I love but the one in town is a tiny little shop, I wish it was the bigger kind that have lots of toys out but still. We ended up getting Chloe a wooden Post Box, which I’ve just seen is cheaper online (always the way!) and a shape sorting caterpillar (again cheaper,  only slightly but still it annoys me!). The post box is so cute and comes with 5 wooden letters, Chloe hasnt quite managed to post them in the hole yet, she prefers to place them on top of the post box or when we help her post them in the hole, she opens up the front to get them straight out again! I can see this being a firm favourite. The caterpillar is lovely too, as much as big colourful flashing plastic toys can be great, wooden toys feel so much nicier and it may sound odd but they sound nice when being bashed together! Chloe hasnt got much interested in stacking the rings on the caterpillar yet and would much rather pick up the colourful rings and bash them on things but still we can talk about the colours, shapes, spots, stripes etc so it’s all learning still, and fun!

Also some bits arrived at the start of the week, this lovely T shirt from Babipur, I love the Little Green Radicals stuff it’s so cute and I’m sure it will be spot on when the trantrums start to kick in. At the minute when she gets frustrated she just drops whatever she’s holding and does a pouty/angry look, I guess I should enjoy it whilst it lasts!

And we were in need of storage in both Chloe’s room and the living room for all her toys. I’ve been looking for something for ages but didnt like the bookcases and things we saw but then I found this beauty at JoJo Maman Bebe and it’s now waiting to be assembled for Chloe’s room. I’ve never bought anything from them before but they have some lovely stuff, I wish I could have afford to get lots of things from there but maybe another time (I wish!). And we got this gorgeous toy box for the living room from Verbaudet and thanks to a discount code we paid half price for it, yay!

And I’ve just bought a new pram, which I know is very very very naughty but I love it (well I hope I do or we’re in trouble!). At the minute we have a Maxi Cosi Mura 3, which we bought shortly after Chloe was born, and it is a great pram, great for rough terrain, adjustable handle height for OH, moves great, it’s great but it’s not perfect (what is?). Folding it drives me insane, it’s concept is super simple but the hood always gets in the way although unfolding it is super easy, no problems there. And there’s a few other niggles which I wont drone on about but at the end of the day it worked, and when used with the Maxi Cosi cabriofix car seat when Chloe was born it was nearly perfect as folding it without the main seat on is really easy. However now Chloe is out of that car seat we use the main seat on it, which makes it fiddly to close and heavy, I hate lifting it into the car, plus now we’re renting somewhere smaller, we cant store it under the stairs like we used to and have to put it in the shed which is more of a hassle. So at Christmas OH’s parents kindly got us a Silver Cross Pop Vogue, very lightweight, easy-ish to fold, great, except it’s a bit low for tall OH and there’s not much suspension so even going round the block on these bumpy and rough pavements is like a mini rollercoster for Chloe (Sheffield does quite like its cobblestones too!). But I was resigned to that’s just how it is, until I saw the new Maxi Cosi Elea, (I’m not being sponsered by Maxi Cosi at all, I do just generally love their products!) which seems to be all the good bits of the Mura but with upgrades on the bad bits!

Quick easy folding, in fact a normal fold and then a super tiny fold which I’m hoping means we can keep it in the cupboard in the kitchen rather then the shed! It’s a smidge bit lighter too, but I admit I do like the look of 3 wheelers and the Elea is a 4 wheeler but it does mean the shopping basket is a bit bigger so thats a good trade off. Oh and it can stand upright when folded, which was another bugbear for the Mura, once folded it just tipped over so it had to be leant against something or laid flat, not so easy when you’re multitasking getting Chloe into the car. Plus it has a bumper bar, the Mura had a little T bar which mostly got in the way and wasnt good for attaching things too. So there you go, I am super excited about it arriving and I really hope it lives upto everything I’ve read, oh yes and the price you say? Well it’s £400, yes a lot of money but we’re having a clear out of Chloe’s old bits and have the old Mura, Maxi Cosi car seat, Jumperoo, baby gym etc etc to sell so hopefully we should make a lot of that back, and I bought it through Boots so will get points on my advantage card which is always a nice little bonus!!! Pics will be coming as soon as it gets here I promise!!

So that’s about it, but we have drained the barrel dry now so no more spending!! Oh and my mum is coming up to visit on sunday and staying a few days so that will be lovely!! So we have two great things to look forward to, oh maybe a nice walk out with my mum with Chloe in her new pram is called for, lets hope it gets here quick and the weather stays nice!!

Michelle xx

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