Hello again

Well, we’ve had a lovely weekend, we went to a soft play place (tbh it wasnt fantastic and definitely not worth £8 to get in!) but I met another mum there who told us about a really amazing sounding place not far from us so we’re going to go there this weekend. And my mum came up to visit us for a few days which was so lovely, she only went back last night and I miss her already! I so wish she lived closer, but being nearly 3 hours away makes a day visit hard but the longer days are coming so we shall see!!

Am trying to sort out a trip to the zoo with my cousin (all my family live ‘down south’ and are about 3 hours away, oh why did I move away to Sheffield!! I blame the OH!) but am unsure on Twycross zoo or Chester zoo. I’m going to have a look at them both in a bit and see which is in the middle for us both and of course which looks the best fun for Chloe!

Our lovely new pram arrived, yippee, havent yet manage to get out with it but hopefully will pop out with it later. It really is lovely, will do a review on it in a few weeks time, I feel guilty for spending the money but nevermind it’s done now, just need to sell the old one!

I’m still fiddling around with the blog layout, I just only ever seem to have 30 mins here and there and never really get time to sit down and get it just how I want. I’m also thinking about changing the name as it’s quite a mouthful, I’d love something simpler but am unsure, we’ll see.

Anyway, hope everyone is well and enjoying the lovely weather, thanks as always for reading!

Michelle xx

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