Review: Dunk N Fluff fitted nappy

Dunk N Fluff nappies are big in America, saying that they are very well-known here but are hard to get hold of, however most nappy aficionados have a few of these in their stash or have at least tried them at some point. So of course I have been wanting to get one for ages but I always seemed to miss the lovely prints until I heard that Laura at Kingdom of Fluff was getting a shipment in, a few emails later and I had the above lovely set reserved for me, only slight trouble being they weren’t in the country yet! After a week or so wait they arrived, I could have just got the nappy on its own but I didnt want to split them up and leave the wrap feeling all lonely and I was thinking ahead to summer when you’ll still see the gorgeous print even though Chloe’s wearing the wrap under a dress, genius!

The set was £35, the nappy on its own was £20, which yes is expensive when you compare it to say an AIO or pocket but the quality is so worth it,  it’s imported (which always bumps the price a little), WAHM made, has a OBV inner and well its gorgeous! It’s a sized nappy, this is a medium and I was slightly worried that it might be too big for Chloe as Dunk N Fluff’s sizing is on the bigger side but it fits great. Inside is a snap in soaker which gives the nappy 8 layers of absorbency in total. The leg holes are turned and topstitched which makes them lovely soft and padded and they come in side snaps to give a good customisable fit.

The wrap is also lovely, with really gentle elastic at the legs  and the PUL is also super soft, I wouldnt have even guessed it was waterproof from feeling it, it’s so thin and soft. I’m not usually a fan of PUL wraps but this one has really changed my mind, it’s not only gorgeous but a lovely fit – we’ve even used it over a night nappy and it’s been nice and dry come morning. At £15 for the wrap on its own it is expensive but I am definitely glad I’ve got it is now a favourite cover and I use tons.

So back to the nappy, the fit is great, the OBV inner is lovely and squishy soft, the contoured shape means that it’s nice and slim between the legs, not too bulky at all. Sometimes I dont use a cover with it and let Chloe wander around in just a Tshirt with it if it’s warm enough and after about 2 hours it generally needs changing. But if I do use a cover with it then we can get 3 hours out of it before a change which I think is perfectly fine for a normal fitted day nappy and Chloe’s heavy wees!

The soaker is a bit of a faff, it’s one long shaped piece that snaps in and then you place a separate bamboo fleece piece on top and then fold down the top of the main snapped in piece. Hope that makes sense or the pictures help describe it better! (See the update below for info on the newer style soaker). I know that having them fold out/come apart helps with drying but I would much rather the main snap in piece was one piece or the smaller piece was built into one of the main snap in parts as it would make it quicker and easier when putting them together. It doesnt affect the performance at all but these days I am just preferring to snap in an insert and be done rather than finding the other bit and laying it in and then folding it over. But as I said I think the design maybe have changed now and even if it hasnt it still wouldnt put me off buying another but it’s just one of those slight niggles I always think when putting the clean nappies together.

Ease of use: Apart from snapping in and folding the insert down (which isnt really as faffy as probably it’s sounding!) it is really easy. Yes it does need a cover to be fully water proof but I dont find this an extra hassle at all, especially when the cover matches so it you can still see the gorgeous print!

Performance: This has held up fine, 3 hours is good for a day fitted for us and drying time is really good, no complaints at all there.

Design: Love it, it’s gorgeous and it feels really well made, same as with the wrap. I love the snaps too, matching pink on the wings which blend in lovely to the fabric and then the contrasting aqua ones which pick out the colour in the print and look lovely, such a small thing but that extra effort is lovely. I just wish the soaker was more like the double sewn together tongue style that Fluff and Stuff and Mutts use but I think they have now changed the design which means I might have to get another to compare.

Overall: I think for £20 this is a great price for a lovely fitted, I know a lot of nappy boards to co-op orders so they can pick exactly which fabric they want, oh and have I mentioned that Dunk n Fluff also do matching tops/trousers/dresses and things. Even more reason to try to join in on a co-op order as some of the clothes that I’ve seen on their Facebook page is gorgeous. I can see why people are always eager to snap these up on preloved boards as they will last for years, some of the prints are fab and they come in nice boy friendly prints too (we’d be getting the Marvel heroes prints if we had a boy!). I cant wait for summer to really kick in so that we can really show off how gorgeous the nappy (and wrap) is but it is also a great nappy, there is no looks over quality in this case, it works great, the fit is lush and it’s pretty to boot. I am definitely looking forward to getting another, hopefully on a co-op so I can pick from the constantly updating fabric choices and maybe get a matching dress or two….sorry Mr Bank manager!

Michelle xx

I bought the nappy mentioned in this post and did this review because I wanted to, no compensation was received for doing it.

Update 6th November 2011

I’ve bought a few more DnF nappies since the first review and they have had a newer soaker, which has zorb sewn into it so it’s incredibly absorbent, soft and super easy to put  together! It’s in one long piece so you you still have to fold it in half and snap it in but there’s no other layers to place inside, it’s actually great that it’s one big piece though as it means it dries much quicker then if it was just one smaller, thicker piece, I love it. So here’s a few pictures of the new style and of the gorgeous new fluffy nappy itself (any excuse to show off cute nappies)! Oh but I have heard that the design may well have changed again, I hope not as the one piece with zorb one piece is simple yet perfect in my book!

Michelle xx

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