Food shopping at Ocado

First of all can I just say that this is not a sponsored post in any way shape or form but our Ocado food delivery arrived this morning and I just thought to myself that I should share more of the things I love, so here we go.

Now I have to say we dont shop at Ocado every week, as much as I’d love to, but we do an online shop there once a month and in case you didnt know, Ocado are the online delivery people for Waitrose. Anyway, it’s not as expensive as you might think, they do price match Tesco on a lot of things and the own brand Ocado and Waitrose lines are really really good quality (most of our shop is made up of those bits). The range of food isnt as large as the other stores but I’ve always managed to find what I want and I also get inspired by some of the new and different things I spot there. The fruit and veg are amazing quality, which I think is down to the fact that your shopping is picked from the warehouse, before it gets sent to the store, unpacked to the shelves and then picked. So it’s fresher and not the bits that everyone else has left behind. We do always go for whatever fruit and veg is on offer but the quality is still great and it all lasts longer then when we buy from somewhere else. I still remember ordering some strawberries from another shop and not only were they not their best but were mouldy too! Eeek!

Another of the major things for me is the ordering, I find the revamped website simple to use, plus I’ve used the app on my phone and it’s been easy as well. The delivery is also something to shout about, they do hour slots and have never once been late, a few times they’ve actually phoned to say it is okay if they come slightly earlier. The drivers are really nice and friendly, and pass me the bags before going to collect the rest of the order from the van and then passing me the rest. It’s a simple thing but some drivers from other places, dump the boxes with my shopping in on the step outside the door and wander back to the van, only to reappear once I’ve emptied the boxes, which I have no problems with if their busy but when I’m paying for them to deliver it is nice when they go that extra step and so far with Ocado its been everytime. Oh and another fabby thing is that because they get your order ‘from the source’ as such, you hardly ever get any substitutes (a big bugbear with other stores, where every week 1 or more items where subbed), I think only once has something not been available but they had it in a smaller size which was fine. I love how they text you the day before your delivery to remind you that if you need to change anything to do it before the cut off (always useful as I always forget something) and again the morning of the delivery confirming the time, if you have any subs and the driver’s name, and van reg number, such a lovely touch. And if something is missing from your order, which again has happened one time, there is a simple form on the website, no having to ring a number and be put on hold for ages!

Also they often do little freebies, we’ve had a small bottle of apple juice, some sachets of a new cream and today there was a little pot of 100& natural root vegetable mini crisps by Benjoy, which Chloe will be sampling at lunch time. Granted I dont expect freebies but when it does happen it’s again a lovely little touch that does make me feel valued

So I love Ocado, sure you might get a smidge less food for your money then if you shopped elsewhere but the service, quality and general good feeling I get from shopping with them makes me very happy. I actually look forward to doing the weekly shop on Ocado to see what’s new and I love shopping somewhere that shares some of the same green ethics as myself. Maybe I should just bite the bullet and shop there every week but I have to say that part of me is resistant to the idea of all the offers I’d miss from elsewhere. But then again do I need all the BOGOF offers and 3 for 2s that we always get, do I need them or do we just get them because we think we do? Maybe I will do it, shop at Ocado every week for a month or two, spend the exact same money I’d spend elsewhere and see how we feel at the end of it, hopefully we’d have bought less junk and healthier ‘proper’ food.

We shall see and I’ll let you know how it goes! And if I’ve inspired anyone else to give it a go then Ocado run a recommend a friend offer whereby if I invite a new shopper then after they have completed their third shop I get a £20 voucher to spend and they get three £10 vouchers to use on their first three shops. (Vouchers valid for 12 weeks from issue. Minimum spend £60 per order.). So if anyone fancies being my friend, even if you just place one order and dont make it to three I dont mind not getting my voucher, I’d just love for people to give Ocado a go. Send me an email at or leave a comment and I’ll fire off the recommend a friend offer to you and if you’re already a shopper of Ocado then feel free to share your experience with them!

Michelle xx

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2 Responses to Food shopping at Ocado

  1. elaine says:

    Hi Michelle,
    Love the new design! I think my DD may have to graduate to fitted dipes now since she is outwetting her pockets. Could you do a summary of your night nappies? I would really appreciate it. Have you tried the tots bot fitted?

    Yours in dipes,

    • Michelle says:

      Hi again, hope you’re all well!

      Well we’re still having good night and bad nights, we have been trying a Tots Bots Stretchy but even with the normal booster in, an extra thicker booster and a zorb booster in it only just about handles it. The velcro and faffing about with all the inserts does mean I only use it as a back up though, it’s not perfect. Nor is the Dream Eze, even with a bit of boosting that isnt any good for Chloe.

      We’re still using a WNNN with extra boosting in the pocket, I do want to get a large in OBV as I’m sure it will be slightly thirstier then the minky ones we have, as would the bamboo toweling I’m sure but that isn’t as pretty! Our LLS is doing okay, I have to use both inserts plus the extra zorb one, the fit is lovely tho. We have another on order with more built in zorb but unless you’ve managed to get a spot already they arent taking anymore more work on this year, although they are on preloved boards often.

      The HL is doing fine with all the boosters in, plus a small zorb one. We have a Wild Child night nappy on its way and a Little Gumnut (Puddlekins) nappy on its way too which is a combination day and night nappy. So we’ve still got a few more things to try!

      I think that’s about it at the minute! Hope it helps, I will update on the new nappies once Chloe’s put them through testing!!

      Take care xx

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