New name

Just a quick post to say that if you have us bookmarked then you might want to update it to which is our new name and home. The old URL will redirect you here as well but at some point that will close down and I’d hate for anyone to lose us!

Hopefully will be easier to remember, shorter to type as well (yay!) and well sums me up rather well, I’m not crunchy, hard, eco, green, etc,  just fluffy! It sounds all cuddly and snuggly too, perfect.

So far we’ve had a lovely weekend, off into town with the new pram (which was fabby), bought some bits and bobs for us for a change, new perfume and skincare stuff for me, graphics card for daddy. And we kept our promise of not spoiling Chloe with things again like we did the other week but as a treat we did go to a new soft play place which was lovely, not too many bigger kids running around in the toddler area like some other places we’ve been too. This was nice, calm and friendly, Chloe had loads of fun in the ball pool so we’ll definitely be going back there at some point!

And tomorrow if it’s nice we’ll go to the park and then pop in and visit family on the way back home. Will catch up on monday but just wanted to mention the slight change to the blog before I forget!!

Thanks for reading and have a lovely weekend!

Michelle xx

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