Mother’s Day 2011

As if you couldnt miss it, adverts are everywhere for flowers, cards, chocolates and lots of other gorgeous things that you dont really need. I often think that I cant wait until Chloe is older and she can make me a card all by herself, or make me some kind of macaroni necklace that I’ll end up keeping forever. As much as it’s nice to get presents wouldnt it be amazing if buying gifts didnt exist and we all took the time to make something for the ones we loved? Now I’m no artist, I cant draw, paint, knit, sew or anything else I can think of but a simple bunch of wild flowers that Chloe has picked from the bottom of the garden in a jam jar with ‘Mum’ painted on it would be lovelier then any enormous bouquet from a florists.

I do usually try to make cards for female relatives, it’s not really as crafty as it sounds and it probably costs about the same if not a bit more once I’ve bought lots of pretty paper and embellishments. Mostly I just stick bits together but it’s the thought that counts right? I did want to do that for my mum for Mother’s Day but at the minute I’m feeling exhausted in the evenings and cant face sitting there and I’m feeling less than inspired to make something. So when we were in town at the weekend we got cards for my mum and OH’s mum, they are gorgeous Tatty Teddy ones that pop out and sparkle (and for £6 each you do expect something special). Now to just remember to post it in time! But I do plan on making our mums a memory box each, decorated with Chloe’s handprints, cute little embellishments and things, and getting some photos of Chloe and putting them inside. Grandparents can never have enough photos of their grandchildren right? Especially as my mum lives far away and doesnt get to see her much. So that’s the plan, it wont be ready for Mother’s Day but who says we can only do nice things for our mums on that one day a year?

As for what am I getting, well I dont really like getting flowers, they are pretty and lovely but they just die (would rather have a plant anyday) so I had a think and have decided to get Chloe’s fingerprint in a little silver heart so I can wear it on a chain/bracelet. We did the prints the other day, it took us a few attempts and I think Chloe thought we were a bit mad getting her to push her finger in the putty but I am so excited to get it. I cant even imagine how much joy it will bring in the future when she’s a big grown up girl and there’s this little tiny fingerprint to look at. I’m happy without a card, unless daddy is going to try making a one with Chloe, oh and he can definitely be on washing up duty all day long! And if he’s reading this and is desperate to get me chocolate then as I’m sure he knows, the way to my heart is with Lindt Lindor milk chocolate truffles (so much for being good and no chocolate until Easter!).

Michelle xx

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