Review: Itti Bitti Boo fitted nappy

When you think of Itti Bitti nappies, then the AIO and SIO D’lish or the new Tutto styles come to mind but they do a fitted nappy as well, it’s called Boo, as in Bitti Boo, which sounds so cute. Lately I’ve been getting into fitteds more and the Boo had been on my to try list for a while when the lovely Alix at Cheeks and Cherries asked if I’d like to be sent one to review, which of course resulted in a little squeal of happiness. A lovely squishy medium in yellow arrived shortly after and it was sooo soft but it was soon obvious that (as with Itti’s in general) they do fit on the smaller/low rise side so I then bought a large in the turquoise to try, which as with the yellow, the pictures dont do it justice, it is vibrant and gorgeous!

So some vitals on the Boo, they are £13.95 and come in 3 sizes and 5 gorgeous colours, they really are bright and will definitely brighten up any nappy change. They use the same coloured snap in soakers design like a SIO D’Lish and use the same mini boosters, the only difference is the top of the hourglass shaped soaker is covered in bamboo velour and of course the Boo needs a cover as it’s a fitted nappy. But as a fitted and cover combo is normally more absorbent than a standard AIO it means the Boo’s should be worth a try for heavy wetters, even if a D’Lish or Tutto couldnt cope before. And with an extra mini booster (or two) added it can even be used overnight, something I was eager to test. They are made from gorgeous velvety soft bamboo and organic cotton velour, which is softer than even the minky AIO Itti’s and has the same silky feel as some of the more expensive fitteds we own.

Luckily I had a spare mini booster to try with the Boo overnight but first after a lot of prewashing I tried it during the day a few times. The fit is amazingly trim and it worked great so then we tried it overnight. In the morning there were no leaks, which may have been down to the fleece soakers we use, but the nappy was full to capacity, leaving Chloe’s skin damp to the touch. I have tried again a few more times but each time is the same and Chloe ends up getting a red bum/rash if her skin is left wet for too long and who can blame her it mustn’t be nice! Granted though, Chloe is a big wee monster at the minute, she still has 2 bottles over the course of the night and although I’m sure another mini booster might make it work for others, I dont think it would have made a difference to us. However for a day nappy I love it and I’m sure the average wetter would be fine with this overnight.

Ease of use: I always unsnap the inserts when putting it in the wash but I know a lot of people dont and their nappies are still clean and fresh but I just do. It doesnt take long to resnap them back together once dry either and I prefer to snap things in rather than stuff pockets these days. I’ve always loved the colour coded snaps, yellow for the back, purple at the front and red for the mini booster, totally daddy proof!

Performance: During the day it goes 3 hours easily (without a booster in), just what I’d expect from a fitted nappy. Never had any leaks from a Boo and the containment is fab, the leg elastic is nice strong – yet still lovely and soft which means nothing has escaped and no red marks left on Chloe’s legs. Drying time is better than you’d expect from a bamboo/organic cotton nappy, which is due to the snap out soakers and it does actually dry faster than some other day fitteds we have.

Design: Love the colours and trimness, I’m usually always saying I wish they did more prints but actually the Boo’s colours are so bright that I’m perfectly happy. Of course it would be fab if they did bring out prints but even if they didnt it wouldnt put me off buying more. I do wish the rise was a little more generous with these, Chloe grew out of the D’Lish mediums way before the weight range due to the shortness of the rise so I should have really thought of that before getting a medium, if you’re unsure, always go up a size!

Overall: For us as a night nappy it’s not quite there, which isnt surprising as it is so trim, but as a day nappy I love it, pretty enough to show off, works really well and dries quicker then I thought. We have tried the SIO D’Lish before and the fit wasnt so good, very gapey around the legs but the Boo gives a much better fit, probably due to the slight bit of give in the fabric. So dont be put off it you havent got on with Itti’s before, just remember that if you have a long/tall baby to think about sizing up.

I really like the Boo and have am eager to get a few more for summer to pad out our fitted stash, the red and orange ones look gorgeous. They are so trim, even with a cover on, but when it’s warm Chloe just toddles about in the Boo and a Tshirt, it looks super cute. The price is great for a day fitted and if I had a newborn I’d definitely get some smalls and use them as night nappies and I’m sure most will be able to use them as night with older children with extra boosters. It’s a great nappy, it still feels lovely and soft and looks new still after lots of use and it’s so trim, even with a cover and trousers on it doesnt look boxy or bulky, perfect. Definitely a keeper and worth a try if you havent already.

Michelle xx

We were kindly sent this nappy to review (and bought another ourselves in a different size), however no one has told me what to write, all words (including spelling mistakes) and opinions are 100% my own and genuine.

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6 Responses to Review: Itti Bitti Boo fitted nappy

  1. Laura says:

    Michelle, we use the Boo at night with a Flip Stay Dry insert on the outside (so in between the Boo and the wrap) and that works great for us at night- the only other thing that works for us is the same combo but a TB Stretchies instead of the Bitti Boo. Maybe worth a try?
    I do like this nappy, very trim! Just a little unsure if it will last us right through as at only 9 months (albeit a large 9 months!) the Large size seems almost at full stretch….

    • Michelle says:

      Hi Laura, hope you’re well xx
      I dont really like to use MF at night with Chloe as her pee is really ammonia-y toxic and I end up having to strip the MF pretty often, other fabrics seem able to take it better. And we cant really use wraps, as all we’ve tried end up rubbing on her thighs and leave dry/sore skin behind. So we use fleece soakers mainly, which make it very hard if we were going to try and add something between the nappy and soaker! Also I like to make the night nappies as simple as possible for OH, put on nappy, put on soaker, done!
      I’ve tried Stretchies a few times and they only work with 2 additional boosters in (plus the normal one) and tbh the velcro drives me mad!
      I think sized Itti’s in general all come up on the small size, we love the Boo during the day though and I’ve got a few new night nappies to try now which should (fingers crossed) solve the issue of having to over stuff everything. I’m getting a bit bogged down in extra boosters and just want something simple!
      Thanks for the tips though, it’s always good to see what everyone else uses and if Chloe wasnt such a wee monster I’m sure a Boo or a Stretchy with maybe a small booster would work a treat.

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  3. Alyce says:

    I was just wondering what solution you ended up coming to with the overnight MCN situation?
    I’ve just had my 3rd baby (but 4th in the house with my step-daughter), and I’m a complete newbie to MCN’s. Currently in the wash is an Itti Bitti trial pack I bought when pregnant, and I whole heap of MIC ones my MIL sent me (I hope they work okay, coz I don’t want all her trouble to have gone to waste – it was a lovely thoughtful gift), ready to hang out to dry in the morn and start trying in the next day or two… :o) But I’m not sure what to do about the whole overnight issue. My LO is a pretty good sleeper at night, and can go from anywhere to 4, 6, or even 8hrs between feeds, so I’d rather not have to wake her simply to change her nappy… So if you could suggest something you have found that works for you guys, that perhaps we could try as a start, it would be very much appreciated. :o)
    Thanks, Alyce.

    • Alyce says:

      I forget that auto-smiley don’t like my button-nosed smilies! lol! 🙂

    • Michelle says:

      Hello, sorry for the slow reply, I didnt get a notification for your comment! But congrats to you on your 3rd little one!

      We did struggle with night time nappies as Chloe was a heavy wetter and would happy sleep for 10ish hours. We used Pop In bamboo nappies with a night time booster for around 6 months but then she would out wee them so we turned to ‘proper’ night time fitted nappies (Holden’s Landing bedbug+ and other other UK makes) with a fleece cover over the top and then progressed to a wool cover over them and it worked fantastic.

      But by the time she turned 2 her weeing habits changed and so then we found we could get away with a BumGenius elemental/organic nappy with a small booster – really good nappies for heavy wetters for both day and nights.

      It is hard to say what will work for everyone but I’ve generally found a good fitted nappy (a heavy wetter or night time version or if you only have day/normal fitted nappies then boost them well) with a cover – be it a wrap, fleece or wool is best.

      Itti Bitti do a fitted nappy, the Boo, we wouldnt have been able to get it to last on Chloe over night but I have known people that it has worked for so you really do have to try and see what worked for you. Maybe you could borrow a few to try off a friend or buy some second hand from a forum?
      Hope that helps a little and take care x

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