A few of our favourite things

I thought it would be nice to occasionally do a post about things we love, I think it might be a nice monthly thing to do but we’ll see how it goes. So here are some of our most favourite things from the past few months, please note this is not a sponsored post in any way, these are things that we have bought and think are fab so want to share!

Chloe has always liked books and especially things like the ‘touchy feely’ range or lift the flap ones but she goes crazy for Dear Zoo! Even the first time we showed her it she was just giggling her head off non stop and even now she knows whats coming she still finds it hilarious. We’ve also found that if we’re out in the car and she starts to get tired and a bit grumbly, if we say ‘And then they sent me a *insert animal name*’ it stops her being grizzly and she happily listens to us try to think up random animals (a hedgehog, but he was too prickly, etc). Me and daddy take it in turns and it soon becomes a game between us of who can run out of animals to use first. But back to the book, it’s lovely, simple to read, bright, the flaps are all different in how they open and Chloe loves the song like repetition. This is the kind of book I’d buy anyone with a toddler and I can see ours getting very dog-eared from lots of use.

Wonderworld Wooden Rainbow Sound Blocks. We got these about a month ago and they are beautifully made, colourful and very tactile! I love wooden toys and these are perfect for little hands to explore, lightweight, rounded edges and very sturdy. The blocks come in 3 different shapes and each one not only has a different coloured panel but makes a different sound when shaken. The wooden frame they come in gets played with too, Chloe likes to open and close the lid to it, which makes a loud snap sound and to stack the blocks on top of it. We’ve been teaching her the colours when we hold the blocks up to the light or in front of her eyes so she can see through them, which always makes her giggle. The ones with smaller beads in make a lovely light rattle sound and the bigger blocks have bigger beads in that make a louder noise. This is a firm favourite with everyone and would be a great addition to any normal wooden blocks collection (which is next on our list).

Kiddylicious Fruit Snacks. I saw these months ago but only tried them recently and I wish I had sooner as Chloe loves them (I tried them too and could easily eat a whole packet!). One bag is classed as 1 of your 5 a day, Chloe only tends to eat half a packet as a snack at a time but I pop the leftovers in a container and she has the rest another day. There’s no salt or added sugar to them, they are just fruit which have been dried/crisped up some magical way that taste lovely and melt in your mouth. It’s a great healthy snack, especially when we’re out as they arent messy, no crumbs everywhere! Chloe loves the apple variety as the slices are nice and large and easy to hold, they come in pineapple too and banana (which we have yet to try). They are the first thing I pop in the change bag when we’re heading out the door for the day and I think are great for an on the move snack.

Hope enjoyed our little share and please add a few of your favourite things in the comments below.

Michelle xx

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