What a glorious day

So I’m actually feeling better today, I slept better than I have all week last night and I’m not coughing every 5 minutes (more like every 15 but still it’s an improvement). And the sun is out, so in the machine the nappies went and then out on the line for some sun bathing. It’s amazing how a bit of sun can perk you right up and the forecast for saturday says it should stay nice for the Zoo yay!

Tomorrow will be spent making cookies, cupcakes and generally making up our picnic to take with us. Plus Chloe is going to help by drawing some pretty pictures to take with us to give to Aunty Mel and Grandad who we’re meeting there.

Have to dash and go get ready as am off to the opticians in a bit, need to get my contact lenses checked. Have just restarted wearing them again since, well since before Chloe! My right eye has always been a bit of a pain and it takes ages to get the right prescription (and costs more!). But it means I can buy any pair of sunglasses to wear for the summer, now I just have to find a pair I like!! Oh must find Chloe a pair too!

Enjoy the sun everyone!

Michelle xx

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