Our trip to the Zoo!

So on Saturday we went to Twycross Zoo, the weather was nice (possibly a little too nice, ouchy sunburn!) we met up with my cousin, dad and nana as well which was lovely. The drive there was just under an hour, which Chloe slept through and it cost us £30 for me, daddy and Chloe to get in, which wasnt bad I thought. We did all bring our own picnics, which was lovely sitting outside at the picnic tables but we did treat ourselves to ice cream at the end of the day!

We took the pram, which was mainly used as a pack horse, as we carried Chloe around mostly but it was great on the gravely paths and having the huge basket was great for the picnic bag, change bag and the dirty nappy wetbag. As mentioned the weather was glorious, Chloe was smothered in suncream regularly and hasnt got a smidge of sunburn whereas poor mummy forgot about herself a bit and is now sporting the red lobster look on her arms and chest, lovely!

There were a lot of animals but not a huge variety, they have a lot of primates but no lions, tigers or rhinos which was a bit saddening as I was looking forward to those. As always we werent that organised and missed the sea-lion, elephants and penguin feedings, next time we are going to have to plan better! Still Chloe loved it and was absolutely worn out by the end of the day and slept soundly again as soon as we got to the car. I did want to get Chloe something from the gift shop but couldnt find anything suitable, it was all a bit too old for her, maybe next time we go to the Zoo she can pick out something she wants.

It was a lovely family day out and am hoping we can go again towards the end of the summer, oh and my favourite animals were the baby elephant and the meerkats, which were smaller then I thought but still totally gorgeous. I think daddy has the pics of those on his phone but they were sooooo cute!! Must remember to put more suncream on myself next time, darn daddy and his ‘never been burnt’ skin but he was nice and went out and got me some nice aftersun on sunday, bless.

Michelle xx

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