Belated fluffy mail

I havent posted about fluffy mail for ages (I blame sickness) so thought I’d do a quick recap of things that have arrived in the last month. This will be very pic heavy but in no particular order;

A ton of fluffy goodness that all arrived in one day, from left, GroVia AI2 in mod flowers, Green Sprout night nappy, acrylic soaker from Baby Smalls and finally the Wild Child night nappy!! It was a lovely fluffy mail day, reviews on them all to follow.

Our gorgeous Goodmama fitted, in love potion print arrived with a dozen girly wipes, all gorgeous and well worth the effort (and expense) of stalking to get them. The only bad side is I love the nappy and wipes so much I can see it being a costly getting future ones!

I won a set of the gorgeous smelling CJ’s all natural butter from Babybots. It was a lovely surprise to win as I’ve been trying lots of different stuff to ease Chloe’s eczema and dry skin patches and this stuff is fine to use with cloth nappies. Fingers crossed this will help, some of the scents, no ALL of the scents smell gorgeous, am loving the love spell, lullaby baby lotion and cucumber melons the most.

And finally this arrived this morning, some CSP I ordered from Little Gumnut and it all looks gorgeous, my monthly stash is nearly all but complete. Out night nappy arrived a week or so ago as well and we are still giving it a good testing, ready to be reviewed in a few weeks.

So I have been busy, and will hopefully get a good few reviews out this week and get back on track, I have a giveaway in the pipeline as well, something I’ve been meaning to do for ages but have yet to get around to. Thanks for reading and commenting as always.

Michelle xx

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