Review: Oxo Tot feeding and drinking range

Since Chloe turned 6 months we started collecting a cupboard full of baby/toddler plates/bowls/cups/beakers/cutlery etc. Nearly all of which Chloe wasnt that into, but still the search continued to find the perfect utensils for Chloe. Then one day whilst out and about I spotted the funky looking Oxo Tot range, my first thought was they look great but they probably arent practical and because we were in a rush I didnt really have time to look at them. Then a day or so later I did a quick Google search and looked into the range, the clean yet bright look of them and all the nifty design features became apparent and so I quickly decided to get some next time. The range is all BPA/PVC and phthalate free, comes in 3 (now 4 – see update at bottom of the page) funky colours and have been designed to be both ergonomic for baby/toddler to use but also with good features that will actually help them to be more independent.

So the next time we saw them in John Lewis, we got 2 plates, a utensil set and the cool looking snack cup, even OH was impressed by the look of them and did push to get more from the range but I held back (silly me).

The fork and spoon set was about £6, they have nice big, slightly curved handles that have a non slip grip to them and the spoon is deeper than most we’ve tried. I wasnt sure how well Chloe’d take to them as all the other spoons she’s had have been shallow and plastic and this was her first fork but straight away she was picking them up and sticking them right end into her mouth. success! And I have to saw we’ve been using them for months now and Chloe is still as happy to pick them up and try to use them as that first day, sometimes she has more success with actually getting food on them and into her mouth than other days but still, definitely a keeper for us.

The plates (about £6) come with a coloured ring around the top (which can be removed if need be) to help keep the food inside when your LO is trying to scoop it up onto a spoon or fork. I think this is a fab idea as it really does seem to help guide the food into staying put rather than tipping all over the side. It’s also got a slightly weighted bottom for stability and the lovely non slip grippy covering on the base which has been very successful, especially when Chloe was going through a phase of flooding the area with water all the time. I was worried that they’d stain quickly but so far everything has come off, no tomato-y stains at all which is always a plus.

The snack cup (£5) is brilliant, whoever designed it needs a little medal! It’s a great size to just pop in the change bag when we nip out and Chloe loves to open the lid, take out a piece of food, close the lid, eat food, open lid etc etc. It’s almost a toy and a snack container in one and its the perfect little size for small hands, with that non slip grippy stiff on the sides as well.

So we were super impressed with all the above and I wrote to Oxo Tot to tell them how much we loved them and they kindly sent us a few more bits from the range in the really lovely orange colour. A small and large bowl set and the snack disc, and I have to say the orange is now my favourite colour and wish I’d got everything in that.

The bowl set (around £8) is great because not only do they have the same non slip base as the plates but the side are straight which helps Chloe to guide up food on the spoon easily, we use the large one for cereal most mornings and the smaller for yogurt. They come with lids as well which is great, so I can just pop the lid on any leftovers and put in the fridge without having to fuss out, and they can be stored inside each other when not in use. They’re so well designed with a little lip to help take off the lids easily and the lids are slightly see through so you can see what’s inside, really great little features.

The snack disc (£5) is another fabby invention, when Chloe’s got something like raisins, dry cereal or anything small to snack on I use this. It’s got lovely curved sides so even when Chloe isnt paying that much attention and picks it up wonky or tilts it over, the snack generally stays inside. It also comes with a lid as well so again it’s great for keeping leftover bits in. I think it look super stylish too and the top of it is see through as well so it helps Chloe to see whats inside easily.

We’ve been using the newer bits for about a month now and I’ve yet to find a fault with anything. And I can say hand on heart that I would have actually gone out and bought them at some point as we’re still so happy with the original bits we bought. We use them all multiple times a day and I so wish we’d tried this sooner as it’s perfect for Chloe and it does look nice as well. they may be slightly more expensive than the bits you can pick up in the supermarket but I love how funky they look and am happy not to just have a choice of pink or blue. I can see these lasting us a long time and my only negative is that I so wished I had got the orange colour first as it is just that bit brighter looking then the green but maybe this means I’ll just have to go out and get a second set!

Definitely worth a try, especially if your LO is a bit picky about things, they also do a sippy/trainer cup and lots of other useful bits and bobs which I’ll be keeping my eye out for when next out and about.

Michelle xx

We were kindly sent the Snack Disc and Bowl Set by the lovely people at Oxo Tot but everything else we bought ourselves (and think are fab) and no one has told me what to write.

Update 14th June

Just wanted to say that Oxo Tot are bringing out a hot pink version in the range! We still love our Oxo Tot bits and do use them multiple times a day, and although I’m not usually a fan of pink, hot pink is another matter! We kindly got sent a fork and spoon set in the new hot pink and it’s gorgeous!! I’ve already told Daddy that we’ll have to get a second set of everything! The hot pink range will be out end at the end of June and will be available in Boots stores and online at Amazon.

Michelle xx

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4 Responses to Review: Oxo Tot feeding and drinking range

  1. Ebabee likes says:

    I’m not a fan of blue for boy and pink for girl and so love that these come in different colours. Really like them, especially the tall sipper. But I am past the plastic stage with mine.

    • Michelle says:


      I’m so in love with the orange, Chloe is still getting to grips with using anything other then her bottle but I have an orange Oxo Tot sippy cup lined right up waiting!

      Take care xx

  2. Emma says:

    We like OXO products, big fans of the night lights that they do! Pricey but look totally funky at evening bbqs! 🙂

    • Michelle says:

      Hello, oh I’ve not seen the lights, will be off to have a look. Great idea about using it at a BBQ, we had one yesterday and I was thinking we need to get some more candles or outdoor lights so this could be very good!

      Thanks xx

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