Review: Luscious Little Somethings night nappy

I feel a bit mean posting this review as unless you managed to secure one of the last slots, LLS are now closed for further orders until 2012 due to maternity leave. But they are about on preloved boards and a few shops might still have some stock if you do a bit of searching.

But still, on with the review! LLS hand dye the fabric and you can either pick from their numerous colourways or even pick the colours and the dye effect you want yourself to be totally customised. Prices vary depending on the size, fabric and how much extra absorbency you want added to the nappy but this one cost me about £30 all together and thats including an extra zorb booster. I went for a custom colourway in a medium size with a pocket at the front for extra boosting and as mentioned the extra zorb booster. You can get extra boosting sewn into the main part of the nappy, but I wanted to keep drying time down a little. The different fabrics can be a little daunting but Beth is lovely and very helpful if you tell her what it is you need and will suggest what will work the best.

I have to admit it took me ages to pick the colours and fabric and place the order and even then after a few emails with Beth a few things got changed but it was all for the best in the end. So mine came with 3 inserts in total, two regular ones that snap together and can be snapped to the nappy inside the pocket and the extra zorb booster. And I have to say I’m glad I got the extra as we do use all three at night but Chloe’s skin is nice and dry in the morning. The pocket is big enough that you could always stuff it with whatever you have to hand if your LO is a heavy wetter like Chloe, otherwise you might be fine without any extra boosting.

Ease of use: Stuff the pocket and off you go, OH has occasionally left the inserts in the pocket and they have come out in the wash on their own thanks to the pocket being open which is always a bonus. This does of course need a cover over the top, we use fleece soakers, but in my opinion this is the case with all good night nappies, especially for heavy wetters.

Performance: This works great for us, dry skin in the morning, give a nice trim fit (not that important for night nappies but still good to have) and it doesnt take too long to dry.

Design: Well seeing as I picked the colour and style myself then I guess I have to say it’s perfect!! The only improvement I can see is maybe if the 2 normal inserts where in one bigger piece that you folded and stuffed in the pocket, just because it would save me having to find them in the pile of clean nappies when putting them together but it’s not really an issue at all.

Overall: This is a great nappy for us and it’s nice being able to get something from a UK WAHM rather the abroad. Whether you have a light wetter or an extreme wetter, I’m sure you can customise the nappy enough to work for you. The choice of fabrics and other options is a little daunting at first and did initially put me off for a while but do ask around on forums as to what works for others and email Beth and tell her what you’re in need of. You dont want to be spending £25+ on a nappy and it end up not being quite perfect but saying that you can always get extra boosters if needed I guess. I cant wait for our next one to arrive and maybe it’s a good thing that they’re shut for the rest of 2011 as otherwise I might be tempted to get some day nappies!

Michelle xx

I bought the nappy mentioned in this post and did this review because I wanted to, no compensation was received for doing it.

Update 14th June 2011

The other custom one I ordered before LLS closed for the rest of the year arrived and I love it! I got a slightly different inner, more a heavier wetter so that it only needs 2 inserts rather then the 3 the other has. It’s totally gorgeous and works a treat, sometimes I sneak in an extra thin zorb booster if I know Chloe drunk a lot before bed, but I’ve never find Chloe with soaking wet skin in the morning, fantastic! The only problem now is that these are both mediums, I hope they last her until they re-open in 2012!! They took a while but are well worth it, gorgeous nappies!! Cant wait for next time to have fun picking which colours to have!

Michelle xx

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10 Responses to Review: Luscious Little Somethings night nappy

  1. elaine says:

    Hi Michelle,
    Thanks for the review! I just ordered one at Peachytots where they are 15% off. I am still stuffing pocket dipes with three boosters and it seems to be holding. I got my HL custom, but I think I need to wash it a bunch more times. It leaked terribly the one time I used it, so I am hoping after several washes, it absorbs better.

    Keep the night nappy reviews coming.


    • Michelle says:

      Hello, definitely all night nappies need lots of prewashing! Did you go for fleece lined or OBV? I have an OBV one on it’s way and I’m interested to see whether it’ll keep wetness away from Chloe’s skin with using less inserts.

      Good luck on the LLS, 15% off is a bargain, I’d have gotten one if I didnt already have a custom one on order. Did you get normal or heavy wetter?

      What boosters are you using? The best I’ve got at the minute are zorb boosters and trifold heavy bamboo fleece ones from Little Gumnut. They are a great combo together or a P’tits Dessous with an Easy Peasy hemp insert. MF is just not good at all for nights for Chloe anymore.

      Take care xx

  2. elaine says:

    Hi Michelle,
    I just got my LLS in the mail today. It ordered the heavy wetter version, fleece lined and OBV outer and the inner is minkee.

    I have been using a combo of MF with hemp which seems to be working. The hemp makes all the difference. I will take your advice and order some of the Little Gumnut ones.

    How many times do you think I need to wash the Night nappies before they are good to go? I still haven’t put my HL on Iris again due to the disaster last time. I have washed it 4 times so far, I may wash a few more times before I try it again.


    • Michelle says:


      Oh it sounds lovely and it is great you managed to get a heavy wetter one. Personally I always stick new nappies on a quick wash on their own with a prewash and extra rinse at the end (mostly to try and get any excess dye out) and then I pop them in with the next nappy wash (but I use those colour catcher sheets if its a dyed nappy as you never want it to run on whites!) and again make sure the wash has a prewash and extra rinse. Then normally I’m too excited about trying it so I might even try it over night after just those washes but I’ll pop in an old booster, just to help it out a bit.

      I know a lot of places say you need upto 10 washes to reach absorbency and whilst that’s probably right, personally I’m too impatient to wait that long. But like I said, if you give it a boost the first few times you use it and dont expect miracles then by the 3rd/4th time it should be well on it’s way to full absorbency and take the extra boosting out then. But I certainly wouldnt condemn a night nappy as failed until it’s had around 10 different nights of use, which is why it takes forever for me to do a night nappy review!

      Hope that helps and keep us posted! xx

  3. elaine says:

    Hi Michelle,
    I used my LLS finally for the first time last night. It does not have a pocket, but I think the zorb is built-in. I found the M to be a bit on the small side! Anyhow, Iris woke up in the middle of the night due to teething pain and I had to check how the LLS was doing. Alas, it was wet to touch on the outside! The fleece cover was fine, but when I checked the nappy, it was quite damp on the outside. Is this normal? I did add an extra hemp booster which I am sure helped a bit.

    Any in put would be appreciated!!


    • Michelle says:

      Hello, mine has a pocket because I asked them for it, it’s one of the options on the drop down lists somewhere I think and the fit of the LLS is perfect on Chloe but she is small for her size at 19lbs at 19months! All our nappies are wet/damp to the touch on the outside, that is to be expected, you just want to make sure that in the morning that Iris’ skin isnt soaking wet and that it’s not leaked!

      Some people prefer wool than fleece for night as it lets the nappy breathe a bit more and evaporates some of the wetness, so it might be worth trying wool if you are worried about the nappy being too wet. We’re starting to use wool more now, it is a bit of a hassle to lanolise but as it’s got some stretch in it I find it fits Chloe so much better. Then again others prefer a PUL wrap for nights so it’s only by trial and error you find what works best, I know that PUL doesnt work for us though.

      And rather then putting too many boosters inside the nappy as sometimes it distorts the shape and makes the legs gape a bit, you can just lay the booster between the nappy and the cover/fleece.

      I am going to have to say though that you might need to give it a good few tries. As sometimes what works one week for Chloe, the next time she might have drunk lots during the day and we’re flooded in the morning!

      But I’d never expect any night nappy on Chloe to be completely dry on the outside in the morning, unless she’d suddenly decided to drop a bottle. As long as the bedding isnt wet and her skin isnt wet or red then I class it as a success!!

      Hope that helps xx

  4. elaine says:

    Thanks Michelle! I appreciate the advice. Iris is 10.5 months, but weighs well over 20lbs. now. I just bought some wool longies, so I will give it a go. The fleece worked well and her skin seemed ok, so I guess it was a minor success!

    I am going to try my HL tonight. She put fleece on the outside for me so I wouldn’t have to use a cover, but I think I may use one anyhow.

    Have a great weekend.


  5. Modupe Salami says:

    These nappies sound great! I’d like one for my 20lb LO, does anyone have a preloved one they’d sell? Thanks.x

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