Easter weekend

Well we had a lovely Easter weekend, it was quite busy well except for friday, we didnt do much on friday. I tidied a bit and daddy mowed the lawn, which seeing as the garden is so steep, it made for very hard work!!

On saturday we did a mad race around the shops to get food (and drink!) for our BBQ, got home, lit the barbie and started getting ready. Only for the heavens to then open with rain and hailstones, yes hailstones!! I was not impressed but it did pass and 15 mins later it was clear again, a little cooler then before but still it was dry. There was a lot of ‘Me man, me make fire, me cook’ type of thing going on with daddy and all the other men gathered around the BBQ but the food was good (and all the burgers got eaten very quickly! I think Uncle Liam had about 4!). A lovely time was had by all and hopefully there will be many more alfresco nights ahead.

Then on sunday Chloe had her Easter party at the local soft play place and we popped in to see nanny and grandad on the way. First there was a treasure hunt of 7 hidden ‘goodies’, which Chloe didnt really seem to care about much but rather enjoyed running around and even went down the slide by herself for the first time yay! And we met Harry there again, who is younger than Chloe and has only just mastered walking. I think he wanted to follow Chloe everywhere but again she wasnt interested and would just zoom off, bless. Then it was buffet time and Chloe sat at the table like a big girl and ate quite a lot actually the little piggy.

And then it was the disco with lots of balloons about that Chloe thought were hysterical! Again, Harry tried to follow Chloe about but she was off chasing balloons so he soon lost interest. I bet next time we see him he’ll be quicker on his feet and they can run about together! Chloe did enjoy the music and the flashing lights on the ground, I think for her birthday this year we might have to hire somewhere like that out for her but we might have moved house again by then so we’ll have to see!

On monday we drove to Goole, as my aunt and uncle (who live down in Hertfordshire) were attending a Flyball competition and had come up with their Flyball team to compete. In case you dont know, Flyball is a kind of doggy relay race, we’d didnt really know much about it but it was great watching and cheering on, I think I’m a bit hooked now! There was a fair there as well which we walked around which was nice. The Flyball team ended up winning their division which was great too and we’re hoping to go to the next event they have up this way as it was lovely to catch up with them and watch the Flyball.

So it was quite a busy weekend, this coming weekend we have no plans at all which I think daddy is very happy with although I have a list of places I’d like to go to, the Butterfly house, wildlife park, city park, the local dairy farm etc etc. But maybe we should pace ourselves a bit and enjoy some family time! And yes Chloe did get a few eggs, 6 in total, thankfully all quite small, I’m sure mummy and daddy can help make them vanish quickly!! Chloe also got a fluffy bunny from great nanny which she sat and stroke/patted and then dragged around the living room by his leg! Next year I’d love to organise or go to a big outdoor egg hunt where Chloe can run about, I might even have to dress her in a bunny outfit or is that too mean?!
Hope everyone else had a lovely time and enjoys the bank holiday weekend to come!

Michelle xx

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