Real Nappy Week 16-22 May

Real Nappy Week (May 16th – 22nd) is fast approaching, it’s a week of promoting cloth nappies with competitions, special offers and discounts as well as local and online events. This year’s theme is ‘Share the Secret’ and is all about encouraging enthusiastic parents to share information and tips with each other about real nappies! RNW is a great way to get a friend introduced to the world of cloth, if you have any pregnant friends or even if they already have a toddler (it’s never too late to try) then take a look at The Great Nappy Giveaway. Where during RNW you can refer a non cloth user and they will receive a cloth nappy and information to help them get started.

Sadly there are no local events taking place in Sheffield this year (I wish I had known that earlier as I’d have tried to sort something out) but there are plenty of things going on around the country, take a look here to see if there’s anything near you. There will also be a lot of online giveaways, offers and discounts going on and I’m also hoping to have a few giveaways running on the blog for nappies, wipes and other things *fingers crossed*.

So if you’ve got your eye on some new nappies then it might be worth holding off until the 16th, even if what you’re after isnt reduced, there might be a giveway that by ordering you’ll be entered into. I am trying very hard to put myself on a nappy ban until RNW starts, I’m sure I’ll probably cave in next week but we’ll see as I do have a few things on my wanted list that might be on offer.

Michelle xx

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2 Responses to Real Nappy Week 16-22 May

  1. Hiya Michelle,
    Cute blog.
    Just wanted to say that I’ve raised over 6 children and couldn’t have done it with out my real cloth nappies. Just wishing you all the best with Nappy week.
    This might sound crazy but I actually calculated I’ve changed nearly 30,000 nappies. Imagine how much rubbish would be sitting in a dump if I hadn’t re-used the cloth nappies…. not to mention the savings of money!
    Keep up the great work.
    Monica Rose from

    • Michelle says:

      Hello and thanks 🙂

      6 kiddies using cloth, that’s brilliant, I hate to imagine what 30,000 used disposables would like in landfill! Did you manage to use mostly the same nappies on all your children? I often wonder how many babies a cloth nappy can be used full time on before the nappy starts to wear out. And yes wow you must have saved so much money, you can certainly have a clear conscience when you’re next torn between buying a nice pair of shoes or a bag 🙂

      Have a lovely weekend xx

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