Review: Boo Boo Baby Skincare

I’m always on the look out for lovely smelling natural goodies for Chloe’s skin as she often gets dry patches on her legs and a mild kind of eczema on her cheeks that comes and goes. Nothing is at all serious or gives her any trouble so I’ve never gone to the Doctors for any kind of special creams. I am a sucker for anything new so there are always little pots of this and that on Chloe’s shelf as we end up trying lots of different things, most dont really have any effect, end up being too greasy or work on one area but make another area flare up. And then I saw this new range called Boo Boo Baby (sounds so cute) that was full of natural ingredients and I got very excited and a little mini set fell into my virtual basket and checked itself out on my card! Very naughty but still, I’m so in love with it I’d thought I’d share – my review that is, the products themselves are too nice to share, sorry!

The mini set, which is very cutely named My Little Box of Boo Boos, is £15.99 and includes Soft & creamy baby lotion (50ml), Very gentle top-to-toe wash (50ml), Soothing bottom butter (10g) and Soft & splashy bubbles (50ml). The Boo Boo Baby range was created by two mums who are passionate what they do and take the finest quality natural ingredients and create skincare that treats, nurtures and makes the most delicate skin feel extra special. All of the goodies they make are made in the UK and are free from:

Synthetic colours
Triethanolamine (TEA)
Diethanolamine (DEA)

some of those I’ve heard of before and stay away from but they all sound a little scary to be putting on out LO’s skin. And thankfully as well they do not test on animals and their bottles are all recyclable, yay!

Firstly I thought the packaging was very cute but still stylish, if not a little posh, definitely not something that I’d be afraid to have out on display when guests are round. Each of the products have a little animal of teddy on which are also on the back of the box along with explanations of each product. Of course I had to have a quick sniff of them all and they really do smell divine, which just goes to show you dont need a load of chemicals to produce something lovely smelling.

We’ve been using the Boo Boo range for the best part of a month now and we’ve nearly run out of everything, which I guess goes a long way in saying how much we like them! Here’s what we think of each of the products we’ve tried:

Very gentle top to toe wash with apple extract and oats. This has a very subtle but quite yummy smell to it and unlike other washes we’ve tried, it doesnt leave Chloe’s skin dry but yet it lathers up really well. Daddy is a fan of this too and I think it will replace what we’ve previously been using.

Kind and creamy baby lotion with cotton seed oil and tahitian monoi (which I’ve never heard of but again it smells gorgeous). This has a thicker consistancy to it then other lotions I’ve tried and I would call it more of a cream but it doesnt leave a greasy residue at all. The one problem I have encountered is that it’s super hard to get out of the bottle! It takes quite a bit of squeezing to get it out, but the full size version is in a tube which would be much easier.

Soft and splashy bubbles with tahitian monoi and oats (yes that magical sounding ingredient again). Now I have to say that one of my biggest bugbears is that whenever I buy a new natural/gentle bubble bath for Chloe, it’s never really bubbly, but this does produce lovely frothy bubbles which always makes bathtime more fun! So again this is a firm favourite and I think we’ll be using this from now on.

Soothing bottom butter with cotton seed oil and chamomile. This has possibly the most delicate smell of them all and it reminds me of that yummy newborn baby smell, bliss! It’s not as thick as something like Sudocrem and it does absorb into the skin nicely. I used this when Chloe got a bit of nappy rash the other week and it worked a treat, I did find it wasnt as good on dry skin (the lotion was better for that) but it smells so delicious that I’d happily just undo the pot and have a sniff of it even if there was no need to use it!

I think my favourite from the selection is either the splashy bubbles or the top to toe wash but the lotion and butter are close seconds and thirds. I would happily buy them all and I have noticed that Chloe’s skin doesnt get dry so much since using these and the mild eczema she sometimes gets on her cheeks isnt as red. They havent cured everything but they are making a difference and again smell so lovely I’m happy to keep on using them and not try anything else.

They also do a range of mummy goodies which I think I might treat myself to next time I stock up. I love all the products and we’re very thankful to have been given the chance to try them all and I love the little set, perfect for travelling or just for giving everything a go before buying the full sized versions.

Even if your LO doesnt have sensitive skin this is still an absolutely gorgeous range and with the full size products costing £6.99 they arent anymore expensive then other baby skincare products that I see at the supermarket. So they arent just for a treat but are perfect for everyday use and I think the mini set would also make a lovely gift for any mum with a LO.

Michelle xx

I bought the products mentioned in this post and did this review because I wanted to, no one asked me to and no compensation was received for reviewing them. All words (including spelling mistakes) and opinions are 100% my own and genuine.


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  1. cheryl says:

    We’ve tried the bubble bath and it’s gorgeous.

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