Review: Wild Child Dreamy Night Nappy

I had always heard fantastic things about Wild Child nappies, especially their dreamy night nappy being super good for heavy wetters. So when I heard a Co Op order was being put together I signed myself right up for a night nappy, the turn around was pretty quick the only downside was the postage! The nappy is a one size and the cost was about £32 with 2 extra piggyback boosters (more about them later) but then the postage was £16 recorded from Australia! Yes I know, nearly £50 on a single nappy that’s not even embroidered or made with gold thread, I did feel very bad! The postage wasnt worked out until after we ordered and it was ready to post and I have to say, hand on heart, that if I’d have known the total price from the start I wouldnt have signed up but nevermind its done now.

But back to the actual nappy itself, the outer is made from a layer of silky soft hand dyed bamboo velour (which I  know I always say it but this is soooo soft, softer then our LLS) or minky if you prefer. The inner can be either lined in fleece or bamboo velour, the core is bamboo and then you have 2 snap in boosters made from bamboo that come with each nappy. You can also buy extra boosters (which I did) in either microfibre, hemp or bamboo. I went for bamboo velour in and out and I got 2 extra boosters, as I wanted to be prepared and I’d rather have too many then not enough, as it’s a long way to get extras!

That probably all sounds a bit confusing, it was to me when I was ordering but when it all arrived it made much more sense. The 2 boosters that it comes with (both bamboo), are very cool, one is just one long piece of material with snaps at the back (this is what they call a piggyback booster). And the other is a contoured piece that’s topped in either fleece or bamboo velour (depending on what inner you pick) and it has another long piece attached to it and snaps at the back to attach it to the nappy. Piggyback boosters are quite special as they are a double layer of either microfibre, hemp or bamboo that’s folded over in half, giving you four layers of absorbency for each booster. Which sounds great but the neat thing is that they have a double snap system, meaning you can snap it in to the nappy and then there is another set of snaps where you can attach another piggyback booster to which will then have a spare set of snaps to attach another to etc etc. So you can snap together as many piggyback boosters as you want and then snap on the contoured booster on top. It may seem a bit odd that they all have these long tails to them but it means you can fold them to where your LO needs the extra boosting. To stop the nappy getting too boxy, it is recommended that you splay the boosters out a bit rather than just stack them on top of each other but it’s not the easiest thing to do with a waiting toddler.

It’s worth noting that you might not need any piggyback boosters in your nappy, not even the one it comes with or even need the contoured snap in one but we do need them! I’ve tried various combinations of the hemp, bamboo and mf along with the bamboo contoured one and it seems for us it’s best to have the bottom one either a hemp or bamboo piggyback booster, then a mf one and then the contoured bamboo one on top. So 3 boosters in total, and to be honest I would probably add in the spare one if it didnt make the nappy gape at the legs a bit. The boosters all snap into the back and I do wish there were snaps at the front as well, just to spread out all the snapped in parts of it a little but it’s not really an issue as you can fold the ‘tails’ of the boosters as close to the front of the nappy as you need.

So we’ve been using the Wild Child for just over a month and with it being a night nappy with loads of bamboo inside, I gave it a bucket load of prewashing in the first week before we actually started using it. As I said we’ve tried various combos on boosters but 3 seems to work good for Chloe, I think the mf in the middle just helps to draw away the wetness a bit, as her skin is a bit wet in the morning if I havent used that one. Although you could just use any piece of mf or bamboo that you have for boosting, not everyone will need or want to buy extra boosters.

Ease of use: Snapping the boosters in is quicker and then stuffing a pocket but I think OH would find it very tedious if I had to teach him what went where etc. I always unsnap the boosters when it goes in the wash but plenty of people leave them attached and of course this is a fitted nappy so does need some kind of a cover over the top.

Performance: This works fine now I know what to put it in, it is a bit bulkier than our LLS and HL nappies. I think some zorb in the core rather than all bamboo would make it trimmer and more absorbent but it’s not stupidly bulky as it is, even with 3 boosters inside. It does take longer to dry then our LLS and possibly our HL, even when it’s been out on the line in a breeze all day and everything else is dry, if I squeeze it I can feel some dampness in it and have to leave it out overnight to get fully dry or pop in the tumble dryer to finish off. The fit is really good though and when Chloe goes through a phase of pooping in the morning before we get up, this does contain the mess really well.

Design: I do love this nappy, the feel of it just makes me wish I could sleep on a bed made of it (okay maybe that’s a little odd but it feels lush!) and it looks great on. It’s not a trim as other night nappies we have but the fit of it is really good, the snaps are quite close together so you can get a really snug fit. And with it being a side snap (which we always prefer), it means we can have different waist and legs settings as Chloe has a skinny waist in comparison to her thighs so this gives a perfect fit.

Overall: This is a seriously gorgeous nappy but I’m not blown away with it being the answer to Chloe’s heavy wetting, it works but it’s not perfect. Would I get another? That’s a tough one, I think if it performed just that little bit better with say 1 or 2 boosters in and they were being sold over here so the shipping wasnt extortionate then I would consider it as I love the fit, look and squishy feel to it. Some mornings the outside of the nappy is very wet, not a problem as such but I am a bit surprised that it needs 3 boosters in it (possibly 4 if I could manage to get it in without leg gape), I thought this was going to be a seriously thirsty nappy, and maybe it is but just not for Chloe’s mega wees! The drying time isnt really a huge issue for me as we have quite a large rotation at the minute and I do expect that with night nappies. One bonus is that as it’s quite generous in the fit you could pop in any boosters you like rather than lots of the little piggyback ones, I was thinking of trying some zorb with bamboo fleece next time we use it.

If you’ve got an average wetter and either live in Australia or they’re stocked locally then they are gorgeous and worth a try, if you have a really heavy wetter then again I’d only get one if the shipping costs are minimal. Otherwise I think I’d stick to some of the other big names in night nappies, but I am glad I’ve tried it and I do like it a lot, I definitely wont be selling this until we’ve had out moneys worth!

Michelle xx

I bought the nappy mentioned in this post and did this review because I wanted to, no compensation was received for reviewing it.

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