Review: Little Gumnut All Hours nappy

Little Gumnut might not be a name everyone has heard about but that’s because it was previously called Puddlekins, but dont worry it’s still run by the same person and they still make nappies and lovely CSP, along with other bits and bobs. Ems now mostly focuses on one kind of nappy, the All Hours’  rather than making specific day and night nappies. The All Hours nappy is meant to be ideal for both day, night, light and heavy wetters. This is because as well as an inbuilt core, it comes with 2 inserts which should be more than enough to be able to customise the absorbency to what you need for your LO.

There are usually a few instock nappies but the best thing is that you can order a custom nappy to best suit your LO (and of course your preferences too). You can order in either a sized or one size, I ordered a medium and they are generous in sizing. You can choose to have hand dyed bamboo velour, wool (which is said to be great for heavy wetters and I would have ordered that if it had of been out at the time but is on my to get list!), a knit prints, cotton sherpa or just plain bamboo as a choice of outers. And there are plenty of options for the inner fabric and whether you’d like a turned and topstictched finish or serged. Prices vary greatly but mine was £26.50 and I used a voucher that Ems had credited to my account that paid for nearly all of it.

So lets talk about the nappy itself, mine as I said is bamboo velour and has a spotty cotton jersey type inner. The core of the nappy is bamboo and zorb (I think) and does feel nice and thick. Each nappy comes with a trifold bamboo insert and a double layered zorb booster, so you can choose to use one or both if needed. For night time we do use both but I’m sure others could get away with just the trifold one on its own. I have to say we havent used the All Hours as a day nappy as we’ve been so focused on getting our night situation sorted but I am fully confident that it would be fine for day time too and not too bulky.

The trifold inserts do come in different sizes so if you order a small nappy then it will be in proportion and they have the sized stitched onto them which is a lovely touch. The middle panel of the trifold insert has a bamboo velour top so it’s lovely and soft next to your LO’s skin. I generally lay the zorb booster inside the trifold one for Chloe but if you do find that too bulky but still need absorbency then I’d keep the zorb one in as it’s so slim but try a slightly smaller bamboo or hemp insert.  I did actually buy and an extra trifold booster and zorb booster as they are so good, really great for using in other nappies!

We’ve been using the All Hours for just over a month and it is a firm favourite, it’s not enormous with both the boosters and the outside is only slightly damp most mornings. It’s also survived night time blow outs fine and has kept everything contained and it looks pretty (which although isn’t a necessity, it does brighten up my day or night as the case may be!).

Ease of use: This is probably one of the easiest night nappies we own, nothing to stuff or snap in, I just wrap the trifold insert around the folded zorb one and lay inside the nappy. Which also means it’s great to just toss the whole thing in to the nappy bin, rather than pulling out inserts etc. As always though it is a fitted nappy so you do need some kind of a cover/wrap over the top.

Performance: We’ve had no problems with leaks or Chloe’s skin being soaking wet in the morning so it gets thumbs up all round there. Drying time is pretty average for a night nappy, although it does dry faster than our Wild Child night nappy. Usually all day out on the line is fine or if inside then I leave it out all day and over night.  The zorb booster dries super quick in only a few hours and the trifold booster is dry after most of the day outside or all day hung inside.

Design: It looks and feels gorgeous and the boosters are really great, I much prefer the trifold booster than say having 3 separate boosters, although maybe others with lighter wetters would prefer them separate to use as and when needed. The fit of it is great on Chloe, it’s not the slimmest with all the boosters in but neither is it sumo wrestler bulky between the legs

Overall: This is one of our favourites, its pretty, doesnt take an age to dry and is reliable. Although I have to say I am eager to try the wool version to see if it means we can take out using the extra zorb booster. It’s also great to be able to buy and support something ‘locally’ made rather than from abroad (and it also makes it a bit cheaper too which is another plus!). I’d definitely rank this along with some of our more expensive night nappies so they are well worth looking into!

Michelle xx

I got the nappy mentioned in this post at a discounted rate but I did this review because I wanted to, no compensation was received for reviewing it and I would be more then happy to buy it at full price (and will be paying for a wool one asap!).

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1 Response to Review: Little Gumnut All Hours nappy

  1. lynne says:

    This review was really helpful, thank you.
    I’m glad to hear this works well as a night nappy as we have just received one this morning to try out.
    They are so pretty…I really want it to work for us so I can buy another 😉

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