Fluffy mail and RNW updates

It’s been a busy week here, I’m trying to finish writing up a few more reviews for the end of the week/start of next week and have 3 giveaways (maybe 4) to sort out for you lovely people as well.

But I just had to share with you part of my order from Babybots that arrived this morning and had Chloe’s gorgeous Snuggle Pants inside. The hot pink pair are a bit big at the minute but I’ve been looking at them for ages so thought I might as well get both and save the bigger pair for a bit. They are wool longies made from recycled jumpers, they look fab and are a great way of recycling clothes, plus each one is different which makes them feel extra special! I’m getting back into wool in a big way and have ordered some different lanolin in yummy scents. I still love the ease of fleece or acrylic wool but some things are so pretty that even if they are a bit more time-consuming I must have them! Will get action pics of them once they’re all fully ready to go!

So more reviews coming over the next week and a bit and some giveaways that I hope you’ll like, so please stay tuned and lets spread the fluffy love a bit!

Michelle xx

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