Review: Bubblebubs Candies AI2 nappy

These nappies are new to the UK and are exclusive to Millie’s Nappies, I must admit I hadnt heard of these before when Donna contacted me and asked if we’d review them but after a quick bit of research I couldnt see why there weren’t everywhere! Firstly though, you might notice in the pics and may have heard the name Cute Tooshies, which these were previously called but have recently changed to Bubblebubs Candies. They are both the same nappy only the name is different, I think the new stock with the Bubblebubs label on wont be in the UK for awhile but they are the same thing dont worry!

These remind me of an Itti Bitti D’Lish in that they are an all in two nappy but the difference is these are a BTP and come in side snaps, which both scores points with me. They come in 11 bright colours in a soft minky fabric and at £16.50 they are reasonably priced for a nappy that will last you through to potty training.

They have two inserts, both made from super thirsty bamboo fleece, once folded up the trifold insert snaps in to the back of the nappy and has a top lining of suedecloth to keep baby dry. It also has a lay in booster for those babies that need the extra absorbency, which Chloe definitely does. The booster is nice and long so you can even fold it in half and place it to the front, middle or back as needed, which would then give 12 layers of absorbency in total!

This is the first BTP side snap nappy I’ve come across that I can remember, and when I first read about it I didnt see how it would work without any rise snaps on the front to adjust it. But having said that the snaps do go very far around the back of the nappy which does make the leg holes tiny. I wish I had a small baby to try it on but I think it actually would work pretty good from about 10lbs onwards and you could just use the the smaller booster to reduce the bulk. It also has a bit of elastication at the front of the nappy as well as the normal bit at the back and legs, which does help give a really snug fit and stops lots of excess fabric making it look baggy.

Chloe can go 3 hours easy in this with just the trifold insert in but if I pop in the booster as well then she can go 4-5 hours. You can buy extra inserts and boosters sets so that you can just replace them with a fresh set and reuse the shell at nappy changes which is great to help reduce the washing load, your stash size and of course saves you some money.

Ease of use: These are super simple, fold the insert up and snap it in with the booster if needed and pop on. And then nothing to unstuff when it goes in the nappy bin, just toss it straight in.

Performance: Not a single leak with this, containment is great and its a very thirsty nappy with the booster in. Drying time is good as the insert unfolds, even on a rainy day and drying them inside, I know that it’ll be ready to wear first thing in the morning.

Design: I love the bright colour of this, although I’d have loved a few prints in the range I do have to say! The fact that it’s a side snap nappy is a winner, as it gives such a good fit being able to have different settings on the legs and waist. The way it’s been designed as a BTP nappy is great, it wont be perfect for newborn, but BTP’s in general never are. And I love that it comes with the extra booster, making it great for heavy wetters or for naps/long journeys.

Overall: I admit, it’s not a stunning nappy to look at but it is pretty and works really well for us without being bulky. I lot of people (including us) dont get on with Itti Bitti nappies due to the low rise and poor performance for heavy wetters. However the Bubblebubs solves these issues and adds the extra of having a great fitting nappy that will last till training. I really hope they bring out a few prints as this would really make it stand out a bit more but at this price for a nappy that is suitable for heavy wetters in a BTP, I am impressed. This is a keeper for us, really easy to use, reliable and it also looks cute on.

Michelle xx

We were kindly sent this nappy to review, however no one has told me what to write, all words (including spelling mistakes) and opinions are 100% my own and genuine.

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3 Responses to Review: Bubblebubs Candies AI2 nappy

  1. Rachel Khan says:

    Great review. I won one from Millie’s Nappies and really like it too. I am looking forward to trying it on a small baby when the next one arrives – Leyla is at the larger end now and it fits really well, so I’d love to see what it’s like on a littleun. The only thing I’m not too sure about is that the outer minkee stuff seems to look very pilly when it has been washed and dried. It can be brushed back down to look nice again but I’m lazy. I don’t remember any other nappies being quite so bad, maybe the pile is a bit longer and that makes it worse. Anyway, I really do like them – no leaks here either!

  2. Becky Bradley says:

    Just wanted to say, I’ve been using this nappy with my little girl since she was 7lb and it’s been fantastic! Love the fact it’s not bulky and is so soft! Looking forward to one in each colour!!!

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