Busy busy busy!!

Well it’s been a busy and fun Real Nappy week 2011, 3 reviews and 3 competitions up and running on the blog, (see here for the full list of RNW offers and competitions). I do have a few more little giveaways up my sleeve but I will have to save them for next week, am feeling a little burnt out at the minute!!

So what have I been buying this RNW? Well seeing as Wee Notions had 10% off most of their stock then it seemed rude not to get Chloe 2 more custom nappies. A ‘Drama Queen’ side snap to replace the OS velcro (ergh!) one we had. And large side snap in hot pink minky with the skull and crossbones on (which is the one in the pic on the blog – Chloe’s first Wee Notions which we’ve kept but as it was a small it stopped fitting a long time ago but both me and daddy love it). Oh and some CSP, well 6 to be honest but again it was 10% off so I *had* to, didnt I?

And also 2 Bright Star Baby nappies (plus hemp boosters) and a matching Tshirt for our girly pirate nappy may have fell into my basket over at Baby Bum Boutique and been brought. Not discount there sadly but cant wait to get them!!

That’s it really, I have been super good as we’re off to the Babyshow on Sunday, we went last year and although it was packed it was great – and we got an amazing offer on our Tripp Trapp. This year there’s nothing we need need but it’s the last time I’ll have a reason to go (unless I have another baby which isnt on the cards just yet) so I thought we might as well go for a nice day out. Of course we’ll end up buying things we dont really need for Chloe but there are bargains there to be had so it kind of cancels out buying things you dont need if it’s a bargain, right?

But firstly today my mum is coming up to see us for a quick day visit, we havent seen her since feb/march? So it’s been far too long and I’m sure she’ll be amazed by how big Chloe is now (20lbs!). Hopefully we’ll nip out to the local farmers market which in on today but we might just end up nattering too much and not leave the house, which is also completely fine!

So Chloe is going to be completely worn out come monday – as will daddy and I, but it should all be lovely! So that’s it, off to quickly zoom round the house with the hoover!

Have a lovely weekend everyone and dont forget to enter all those competitions!!

Michelle xx

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