Back to normal

Well we had a lovely weekend, took a stroll around the farmers market with my mum on saturday (and bought some yummy local ice cream!). And had fish and chips for dinner, well veggie burger and chips for me but still oops!

Then on Sunday, off we went to the Babyshow, thankfully we werent parked an age away from the entrance this year and we seemed a lot more organised in seeing everything, although there’s still a few things we missed! Chloe loved it and was babbling away all the time and giving cheeky smiles to all who looked at her and she got rewarded with a few nice bits!

A new Cuddledry towel in Cuddlebug pink, as we’ve always loved the baby apron they do but Chloe is a big girl now so a toddler version it is (and she looks sooo cute in it, pics to come!).

Some nice clothes from Pumpkin Patch, well it was 20% off, despite us saying she has a ton of summer clothes that didnt stop us getting a lovely yellow dress and a blue flowery top. I have to say though that PP clothes do fit Chloe so well, it’s just a shame they are a bit pricey but I also have a look when they have an offer/ sale on and get a few bits then.

And we saw the Fisher Price stand and tried Chloe on the Spin and Bounce Zebra and it was instant grins and giggles, followed by lots of bouncing – we could hardly get her off it to let someone else have a go! So yes we bought one (carrying it to the car was a pain) but it was only £51.50 which is a bargain price I think compared to what I’ve seen. I did think of getting her this a while ago but wasnt sure if she’d use it so it was great seeing her on it, daddy dutifully put it together when we got home and Chloe was a happy girl! Most of yesterday was spent climbing on it, having a few mad moments of bouncing and spinning then climbing off to look at something else and then coming back for more later. And the cutest thing was when Chloe got off it and patted the Zebra, I think this could set us up for trouble later on, pony lessons anyone?

All in all it was a lovely day, we bought a few more little bits and pieces and got flyers for some lovely personalised picture companies that I’d like to look into getting something from for Chloe’s birthday. Daddy was a star and so he was rewarded with Pizza Hut takeout for dinner (another oops, will be good this week now I promise!).

In blog news, the 3 winners of the Baba + Boo nappies have been announced and the Bright Star Baby giveaway finishes tomorrow, so please go enter if you havent already and the same for the Jackson Reece one which finishes on friday. I will be doing a few more giveaways this week/next so do check back/follow on Twitter (@Fluffy_Mummy).

Hope everyone else had a lovely Real Nappy Week and weekend, and good luck to everyone that entered any competitions, fingers crossed for us all!!

Michelle xx

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