Going on holiday

Yes it’s true, we are going to go away abroad for a little holiday this year…..at some point! We have a week’s use of a lovely villa in Spain and money for flights, we just need to set about organising when to go and booking said flights. We’re hoping to take both our mums away with us so arranging when’s good for everyone is becoming a little complex but we’ll get there!

This will be our first family holiday and I havent been away abroad for, I hate to think about it but a long time!! So I’m super looking forward to it and am already trying to restrain myself by buying holiday bits and pieces – I mean it’s not even booked yet! But I’m obsessed about getting Chloe a Trunki and pondering if do I need to buy a cheap lightweight stroller, arm bands, rubber rings and other assorted swimming aids, the list goes on and on. What do we actually need and what’s just pointless?

And obviously I’ve never travelled on a plane with a toddler so I am a bit nervous about that and Chloe crying all through the flight, tantrums or even what if Chloe gets sick whilst we’re away! Argh! So I am scouring the net looking for tips and advice, (if anyone has any please leave a comment). I also need to get Chloe’s passport sorted out next week, eeps, so much to do!

Right anyway back to the here and now and there’s more washing to do whilst I daydream about laying be the pool.

Michelle xx

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4 Responses to Going on holiday

  1. Joanne Greenhalgh says:

    Tesco have cheap strollers, but if it were me, I’d also take a sling – especially for the airport.

    Don’t forget holiday fluff!!!

    So jealous, I want a holiday!

    • Michelle says:

      Oh I so didnt think about a sling, I ended up selling our Connecta, hmm might have to have a look out for something light and airy, thanks for that!

      And I’m in 2 minds about the fluff, part of me really wants to but I’m not sure how much room it’ll take up, I guess 2 days worth would be enough as they would dry so quick. I’m sure I can fit them in! xx

  2. Rosie says:

    I am going abroad and am going to try flips with disposable inserts for travel day, then a combo of organic inserts for naps, stay dry inserts during the day and maybe a bamboo terry for nights. The stay dry inserts are pretty small so I reacon they should be pretty easy to wash by hand each day and less space in the luggage if you have no allowance for a younger child. Hope this helps!

    • Michelle says:

      Oh that sounds fab, only Chloe doesn’t get on with Flips at all, they leave marks on her legs! Think I’ll just take some AI2 Grovia, Bright Star Baby and 2 night nappies, excited!!

      Your your hols xx

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