Fluffy mail

Well, this isnt all cloth nappy related, but I love saying ‘fluffy mail’ as it just sounds so lovely and happy! So here’s our round-up goodies that have arrived this past week and some bits we picked up at the weekend in town.

Firstly our (woolly) fluffy post arrived from Babysmalls, a new pair of acrylic longies for Chloe as the old ones are getting a bit short and a pair of acrylic shorties. They all fit perfectly and although I do like normal wool too, it’s nice to have something that can just be popped in the normal wash and doesnt need lanolising, super easy to look after and very pretty! Do take a look at the site as Karen sells fleece soakers, bibs and other goodies besides woolly things!

My order from the Bodyshop arrived too, (something for me for once!). I love, love, love their body butters, especially good for moisturising my poor neglected dry feet and if I put some on before bed and pop cotton socks over top then my feet are silky soft in the morning. A tub usually lasts ages but when I saw they had launched a new Body Butter Duo, where half the pot is a rich cream and the other half is a light one, then I of course *needed* it. It solves having to have one normal moisturiser and the body butter out on the side, and the new scents (I got Floral Acai) sounded yummy and well yes I’m a sucker for a new gimmick!!

On Sunday we popped into town and got Chloe’s feet measured again, she’s now a 4F, so some new shoes were had at Clarks. These dont have velcro on (thank god) as Chloe used to think it was very amusing to take her old shoes off every 5 mins. I hate to think what we’ll end up spending on shoes by the time she’s old enough to be buying her own! It would be great if Clarks did some kind of loyalty card or say if you traded in an old pair of Clarks you’d get something off a new pair, and then they could recycle the old shoes or send them off to children who needed them, oh that would be lovely! I hope you’re reading this someone from Clarks, take note!!

We also popped into the Early Learning Centre and bought a new jigsaw for Chloe and a Play Doh factory thing, which we all had a lot of fun with (mummy and daddy possibly more so than Chloe maybe!). Everytime we go in there I keep eyeing up the Happyland range, I’m dying to get Chloe the Fairy Castle but it’s only 4 months till her birthday so I’m sure she (and I!) can be good and wait. After town we bought a loaf of bread and fed it to some ducks and geese by the river. And we’ve vowed to go back and see them again soon as they tiny baby duckling were so cute, I promise to take pics as well as I forgot!

And then today we got some actual cloth nappy fluffy mail, yay! We havent had any new nappies for a few weeks, everything had been on preorder or a custom so is still being made, so I was more than happy to get new fluff!! This lovely parcel of fluffiness was from Baby Bum Boutique and is more of the amazing Bright Star Baby nappies. If you can remember from our review, we loved them so I ended up ordering 2 more in the lovely Miami Jazz and Hooty Tutti print, a Tshirt to match the current Girly Pirates print nappy we have and some of the hemp snap in boosters. Expensive haul but gorgeous, nice and bright for summer too, these are my current favourite nappies and I think if I had some spare pennies then they would go on a few more!!

So that has made me fluff happy for a bit, I think our custom Wee Notions are in the process of being finished so hopefully will be here end of this week or next, happy days! I’ve ordered 2 custom Monkey Foot wetbags too, with double pockets, which will be fantastic for keeping clean and dirty nappies all in one place when out and about, hopefully they shouldnt be more than 3 or so week, doubly exciting! The only new fluff left is my custom Dunk n Fluff order (which I need to pay for this week, eeek!), 2 nappies and a matching top/dress, I havent seen them yet but they should be here soon, more exciting stuff!!

So that’s us all updated, have possibly 2 reviews to get out this week, plus the CJ’s BUTTer giveaway closes soon so please go enter if you havent already!

Michelle xx


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