Review: AppleCheeks pocket nappy

AppleCheeks are made in Canada and have just started to come into the UK and can be found at Screaming Green (I love both the name of the nappies and the shop so much!). I hadnt heard of AppleCheeks before we were given the chance to review them but after a quick look at their website I was excited to try something slightly different to the usual pocket nappy.

I love trying new nappies, and AppleCheeks did sound interesting, a pocket nappy that doesnt need unstuffing when dirty and it can also be used as an all in two if you want. They sounded pretty good and although I’m not as big a fan of pockets as when we first started out in cloth, I love pocket nappies that have self agitating out inserts, not having to touch wet/dirty inserts is a very welcomed bonus!

AppleCheeks come in two sizes, Size 1 fits from 7 – 20lbs and Size 2 fits from 18 – 40lbs, Chloe is just over 20lbs now so we got the size 2 to try (ignore the mislabelling in the pictures, it is a size 2 even though it says 1!). They are priced at £11.95 for just the cover on its own and the 2 ply bamboo insert is £6 on its own or you can buy a 3 ply bamboo insert for £6.25 – definitely worth getting if you have a heavier wetter. They currently come in 8 colours, and 2 new prints have just been launched, we were sent the Coriander coloured one which is a lovely light green, very gender neutral and different. They have two rows of snaps across the front, which is always great in getting a snug fit around the legs and waist and I much prefer it to a single row. However they dont have any crossover snaps or a snap down rise (like you’d get on a BTP nappy) but because they come in the two sizes I dont think it’s an issue not having them.

The inside of the cover is a soft and fluffy micro-fleece and they have lovely gathered elastic at the legs, back and the front of the nappy, which makes fastening it on really easy as there’s so much give. The nice wide pocket opening in the AppleCheeks is surprisingly near the middle of the nappy, which is a new one for me and at first I though, ‘uh oh that’s going to be messy’ but because the insert agitates out in the wash, you dont need to touch anything so it’s not a problem at all and actually makes it easier to stuff then having to get the insert down the whole length of the nappy and making sure it lays flat. I have to say that one time it didnt come out in the wash – which isnt a huge problem as it was still nice and clean but I dont think it was a problem with the design, more like I had a few too many nappies in the wash! So if this keeps happening to you then try doing the wash a bit sooner, with less nappies in!

And as mentioned you dont have to just use this as a pocket, you can just lay the insert on top of the lining – making sure the ends of the insert are covered by the outer shell when you do it up and when it’s change time just put in a fresh insert. I dont really feel 100% that it is a true AI2, as you could do this with nearly all pocket nappies, but it is a great way of boosting a small stash if you can re-use the outer a few times. I do have to say that I haven tried it like that, although I’m sure it works fine, I prefer ‘true’ AI2’s like our Grovia nappies, as unless the insert or inside of the cover has a waterproof layer, Chloe would just soak through it, making the lining wet, meaning you couldnt re-use it again. So for the purposes of this review I was reporting on its function as a pocket nappy but it’s always nice to know you can use it as an AI2 and save some pennies if you wanted.

The inserts are basically a 2 ply prefold that you fold up and stuff into the pocket (or lay on top if using as an AI2).  It’s made of 70% rayon from bamboo/30% organic cotton and I’ve always found this combination of fabrics to be pretty thristy and as it’s just one big piece, it means it’s fab for easy drying. It measures 12″ x 15″ unfolded and when folded into thirds, you’re getting 9 layers in total, which is pretty good going and isnt thick at all. As I mentioned there is a 3 ply ‘booster’ insert which I would get over the 2 ply for us, simply because Chloe is a heavy wetter, but if your baby is an average wetter or is younger and in a size 1, then it might be worth getting the standard 2 ply one to reduce any bulk.

Thanks to the super stretchy elastic, getting a snug fit is easy with the AppleCheeks and the serged/ruffled edges do look very cute. Chloe can easily go 3-4 hours in this nappy and that’s pretty good going for a pocket, especially when she’s guzzling a lot of water at the minute in this warmer weather.

The one problem I found was that it is a little bulky, well not bulky as such but poofy, a lot of baggy excess fabric around her bum. I think it’s due to Chloe’s small waist and long body combo and the fact she’s on the cusp between sizes (she’s just over 20lbs). The nappy does look a bit big on her, the fit round the legs and waist is fine, but she’s just not chunky enough to fill it out yet but in a few months or on a more ‘normal’ chunkier baby I dont think you’ll find this a problem at all.

Ease of use: These are great, fold up the insert, pop it in the pocket, which is much easier then most pockets thanks to the big opening and the fact it opens in the middle rather than just at one end (or place on top if using as an AI2. And at change time, just throw it in the bucket, no unstuffing, so perfect for OH’s that always forget to take out inserts! And as I mentioned the super stretchiness makes fastening it on easy too.

Performance: We’ve had no leaks or wicking with the AppleCheeks, it’s a trustworthy nappy with great containment as well thanks to the really good elastic. The insert is quite thirsty and I’m sure the 3 ply insert would take Chloe to the 4-5 hour mark very easily. I’m sure those with light night wetters could just use a small booster (or maybe just the 3 ply instert) and it would be fine – the pocket is nice and roomy so it wouldnt be fiddy to do stuff with extras if needed. And drying time for both the cover and insert are great, I wish more inserts were the fold out type like this one.

Design: The colours it comes in are really nice, some very gender neutral ones and some brights, I really love the look of the hot pink and it’s nice to see a navy and brown as well. It does look super cute on as well, the serged edges look fab and the label on the bum looks cute too. The two new prints are really nice too, one wild wild animals on and the other has apples on, both are really different and I can only hope they’ll do more in the future. I love the elastic at the front too, it makes getting a good fit easy, without getting the too tight or too loose look.

Overall: The best features have to be the agitating out insert and the cute design. They do look very stylish but I’m not sure I would want a whole stash of these at the price, however the higher price does reflect (in my opinion) a better insert then the normal microfibre ones you get with pockets. I’d love to see the size 1 on a smaller baby, I’m not sure how trim it would be considering the inserts are all one size but I’m betting it will look totally cute on and I think the containment would be fab. I’ve had a look at photos of chunkier in them and there is no baggy/sagginess around the bum that Chloe gets, so I think that’s just down to Chloe’s shape and I even think just using the thicker 3 ply insert would reduce the baggy look. It’s a shame Chloe’s at the skinny start of the size 2 as I’m sure if she was a few lbs heavier we’d get a much more streamlined look.

These are on the pricier side but if you dont get a good fit with BTP pockets or if you use the AppleCheeks as an AI2 and get a couple of uses out of a cover with new inserts then they would be worth the money. Screaming Green do sell a pack containing 1 cover and 3 inserts for £29.95 – if you can re-use the cover 3 times with the inserts then that work out at just under £10 versus the price of 3 normal nappies in its place, so it could be very money saving if that’s the route you wanted to take.

They are very easy to use and pretty looking nappies, I love the colours they come in and the new apple ‘delicious’ print is definitely something I’d get for Chloe.  If you’re a pocket fan, but want something a bit prettier then others on the market then I think you’ll like these. If  you have a heavy wetter and struggle with normal microfibre nappies then this is definitely worth a go or even if you’re a cloth addict and just fancy something new then I dont think you’ll be disappointed. This is a cute nappy that works brilliantly (I wish all pockets had agitating out inserts), its especially great for those with heavy wetters and if used as an AI2 then it brings the price right down.

Michelle xx

We were kindly sent this nappy to review, however no one has told me what to write, all words (including spelling mistakes) and opinions are 100% my own and genuine.

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6 Responses to Review: AppleCheeks pocket nappy

  1. Rebecca says:

    Well now I know where to come for truly comprehensive nappy reviews. Thanks for all the detail. I think this will really help people out who haven’t got to grips with pockets/all in twos etc and coming to cloth for the first time. Good stuff (able). Ha ha.

    • Michelle says:

      Hi and thanks! 🙂
      I think NapNap vouchers are a fab idea, I wish they’d been about when Chloe was born!! Will try and add a post about them to my ‘To Do’ list!! xx

      • Rebecca says:

        Thanks Michelle. They seem to be taking off which is very exciting for us. We have a couple more retailers joining this week so we might get to the magic ten very soon. 🙂

  2. I think you covered everything there. It was interesting because I have never heard of this nappy type until I read this!

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  4. Tricia says:

    Thank you so much for the detailed review. I have been considering buying Aplecheeks for a while now and reading a lot of reviews. I find yours to be the most detailed. I am now convinced and going to purchase them for my baby.

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