Our trip to the Butterfly House

The Tropical Butterfly House, Wildlife and Falconry Centre, Sheffield

Butterfly on a leafSo as Daddy managed to get a few days off this week, we decided to make the most of it and on thursday, we took ourselves off to the Butterfly House that’s just outside of Sheffield. We pass the signs for it every time we go to visit my mum and we always say we should go one day. Little did we know that it’s not just simply a Butterfly House as the signs suggested but a Tropical Butterfly House, Wildlife and Falconry Centre! So we were even more excited when we arrived and saw that it wasnt just all about butterflies!

The drive only took us about 35mins and it cost us around £15 to get in (Chloe’s entry was free) and we also got a selection of animal feed for the birds, goats, small animals etc. We didnt know where to begin to start with but decided on heading to the Butterfly House, once inside the hot and humid building it was amazing. Brightly coloured butterflies chasing each other around your head, a pool with terrapins and koi carp, iguanas walking along the path and parrots squawking and flying about over your head. There was also a sot of man-made twig walkway that leaf cutter ants were following across the building, carrying huge pieces of leaf back to their home. And there was a Spectacled Caiman (small crocodile!) but luckily enough he was enclosed in his own area with a pool!

It was almost magical in there, watching the butterflies dance about, and they flew at you like they were going to hit you  but at the last-minute dancing away over your head, there was so much to look at, it really was gorgeous! Chloe had a lot of fun, I think she mostly enjoyed like looking at the flowers though! At the end of the Butterfly House was a dark ‘creepy crawlies’ bit, with snakes, chameleons, caterpillars, beetles, bugs, stick insects and glow-in-the-dark scorpions, lovely!

So after we’d seen everything we headed outside and I demanded we quickly went to see the meerkats so that I could feed them the mealworms we’d bought them. They were sooooo cute, 3 came dashing out and pounced all over the mealworms and ate them up! Then after they realised the food was all gone, two slunk back off and one stayed out on guard.

Then we noticed there was a birds of pray display on so we headed off to go watch that. It was really good, and Heather who was doing the talking was really engaging, giving lots of info and interesting facts. We got to see the Harris Hawk up close when she carried it around the crowd and there was also a pair of green winged macaws soaring around and also a Kookaburra that despite looking quite cute and small can catch and kill snakes with ease (we saw it capture and kill a fake plastic snake I must add!).

After it finished we had some lunch in the cafe, as it was right next door, I wish we’d brought a picnic though as the weather was lovely and they had a nice picnic area – maybe next time! We wanted to catch the Meerket Mansion show but due to a mix up with our lunch order, we ended up missing it, so even more reason to come back again!

This could end up being quite a long post so I shall try to hurry it up a little. We took a walk around the nature trail, visited the goats, fed the peacocks, geese and ducks saw the Parrot Show – which was very funny, such talented parrots riding a skate board and playing music! We fed the cute Marmoset Monkeys, saw the Prairie Dogs, Guinea Pigs, Rabbits and Chipmunks.

Chloe, who was a little soldier and walked around most of the centre, was starting to tire out by now and was almost falling asleep in our arms so we decided to head off home. It was a really lovely day and I cant wait to go again! I’ll leave you with my favourite picture, thanks for reading!

Michelle xx





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