I’ve updated a few reviews so thought I’d list them all here in case you fancied reading, all the updates are listed at the bottom, mostly new colours or what have you!

Oxo Tot are releasing a new hot pink colour to the range, we were kindly sent a fork and spoon set and I can say it’s a lovely bright, gorgeous colour! Perfect for those that like funky bright things, but weren’t too keen on the possibly boyish colours the range previsously came in. I think we *need* more things in this colour, which will be available from Boots stores and Amazon at the end of June. Here’s a quick pic of Chloe holding the wrong end of the spoon to help show off the lovely colour – clever thinking!

Holden’s Landing Bedbug+ night nappies, we have got another as we love them so much (with another on its way, oops!). Gorgeous and thirsty nappies, we love them! I also posted a pic of the new LLS night nappy that came a few weeks ago, again gorgeous, a shame they’re closed till 2012 but maybe good news for my bank balance!

And also, I’m not sure if I mentioned it or not but Ems from Little Gumnut saw my review of her Slimbo CSP and sent me a lovely pad and bag! The gorgeous pad also has the new label on, which I took a pic of to add to the review, they look so posh! So thank you for that unexpected but lovely surprise!

Thanks for reading, will be popping up a new review this week, well possibly two but I dont want to jinx things!!

Michelle xx

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