Review: Thirsties Duo Wrap and Duo Hemp Prefold

I am a big fan of Thirsties so I thought it was about time I posted a proper review of one of their fab products, and the Duo Wraps with a Duo hemp prefold is a really great combo so I felt I had to share. And Actually I have to do a shout out to their Fab Wipes –  yes they are fab and are one of my favourite wipes – bright, soft and a perfect size.

But anyway, Duo Wraps are £8.75 and come in two sizes that will last from newborn to potty training, size one is meant to last from newborn to around 9 months, 6-18 lbs (3-8 kg) and size two from 9 months onwards, 18-40 lbs (8-18 kg). They have rise snaps on the front allowing you to adjust the size of wrap, meaning they really should fit a larger size range without being too bulky. They have amazing double leg gussets too and the bindings are super-soft and stretchy.

They come in 12 colors, a mix of plain and a few prints, (the Alice Brights is my favourite) and come in both snap and velcro fastenings. I much prefer snaps but it’s great that they offer both as there’s nothing worse than finding a pretty wrap and it coming in the fastening that you dont like! And the velcro ones do come with fold over laundry tabs, which is always fab news for those that like it!

I have to admit, the word ‘prefold’ is a little daunting. But really a prefold is just one large piece of fabric that can be folded in various ways and if you dont fancy all that special folding and using a Nappi Nippa to fasten it with etc then you can just use them as a trifold lay in insert, just like organic Flip inserts, so not scary after all!

They are made of gorgeously soft hemp jersey and are really thirsty. You can use them as either a nappy/insert with a wrap over the top or you could use it as an insert to any pocket nappy. They are £4.25 and again, like with the wraps, come in 2 sizes. They are 2 layers which are stitched together at one end to make a big loop, this makes it easier to help them get really well washed in the machine and also reduces drying time. You can probably see that along the top there is an inch or so of insert that is just one layer, this part can be folded down to make the length of the prefold smaller when the wrap is on a smaller setting. To use, you just simple fold the prefold into 3 and lay inside the wrap, or you can use it to stuff a pocket nappy if that’s what you prefer.

The wrap is lovely and thin and has a little bit of stretch to it, which helps to give a lovely fit. I was amazed at how trim it was as well, considering it’s a two part system (or an AI2 if you like), Chloe can easily wear it under skinny jeans. We can get about 3 hours out of the prefold, but it’s so trim that I can easily pop in an extra booster and doesnt add any extra bulk, I’m sure light wetters will find it goes even longer. We have in the past had issues with some wraps leaving red marks and rubbing on Chloe’s thighs but this has been great, the leg bindings have the right amount of give to them but are still secure enough to avoid accidents.

Ease of use: The wrap is straight forward and simple and if using the prefold as a normal insert then it’s also foolproof, and it’s always nice when there’s no need to unstuff/unsnap bits and pieces when putting in the nappy bin.

Performance: I was pleasantly surprised by how good both the wrap and prefold were. I’ve used just the wrap over a day fitted nappy and it was such a good slim fit. The wrap is as you would imagine almost dry when it comes out of the machine and the prefold doesnt take long either, the way it’s looped together does help the air circulate more than if it was just two layers sewn together. It’s stayed lovely and soft too, unlike other hemp inserts I’ve had which have gone stiff after a week.

Design: I’m not usually a fan of PUL wraps but this is great, it looks stylish, the colours and prints are lush, fits superb and it works really well. The only niggle I’ve found is that I wish the wings were just a little bit slimmer as they tend to crease up a bit but it doesnt cause any problems, I’m just picky!! I’m normally always going on about wanting pretty prints but Thisties have done brilliantly, lovely bight colours, the stripe prints are lovely and the Blackbird and Alice Brights are truly fab. They have definitely catered to everyone’s tastes with bringing them out in both snaps and velcro, plus I think going for two sizes to cover from birth to potty is great. As BTP styles in general dont usually give a great fit on newborns and can be outgrown before potty training, by having a 2 size BTP range this means you’ll be getting a great fit without having the expensive of buying traditional sized, small, medium and large wraps.

Overall: I really do love these, I think I’ll definitely have to invest in another, as Chloe is wearing fitteds more so it’s great to be able to pop a wrap over the top that is pretty and doesnt make it bulky. The prefolds are great too, when Chloe gets a sibling at some point in the future, I am totally set on using prefolds and a wrap, cheap, easy and they dry super quick. They’re a great way to bulk out a stash and still be super cute on the outside!

Both get thumbs up from me and at £13 for the set they really are good value, especially if you reuse the wrap more than once by getting a few more prefolds or even just over any fitteds you have. A great price for not only a great working system but it’s also pretty, I’m sure they could have charged more for the prints but I’m glad they didnt as they are gorgeous! If you’re new to the world of prefolds then dont be put off by the thought of lots of faffing around, they really couldnt be simpler to use and can work out to be super cheap.

Michelle xx

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6 Responses to Review: Thirsties Duo Wrap and Duo Hemp Prefold

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  2. Maria says:

    Love the designs and looks like fun to use them too! Interesting to learn about pre-folds and reusable nappies in general. I’d love to take the plunge especially with #2 on the way just confused at massive choice out there!

    • Michelle says:


      I know it can be confusing but it’s best to try a few different types and see what you like best but a prefold and a wrap is very simple and I’ve heard countless times how easy (and cheap) it is for newborns. You can even just use muslin cloths instead of buying proper prefolds as newborns get changed so often, so it can be even cheaper.

      I cant wait till we get ready to have another and I can go newborn nappy shopping!!


  3. Kate Moreau says:

    Im quite intrigued to try these now: have been thinking about it for a while, but i got flips instead as they were on offer! Will probably get a few come payday!

  4. linzy86 says:

    do you know where sells these now?Peachy tots has closed 😦

    • Michelle says:

      Hi, I know Emma at sells all the Thirsties products including the hemp prefolds, wraps, covers etc. If anything is out of stock then do be sure to email her as she is always more then happy to let you know when something is due back in stock and hold one for you if needed.

      Will update the review once bump is here and I’ve got another take on how they fit on another baby – have my eye on the gorgeous new Scottish Rose print! x

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