Summer is officially here

Yes that’s right she says, looking out the window at the overcast day outside. Today is the longest day of the year and well really I’m not impressed! But lets hope the sun decides to make an appearance at some point later on so I can hang some washing on the line – nothing makes me feel more summery then a line of washing fluttering in the breeze on a sunny day.

So what have we been upto over the weekend I hear you ask, well as Daddy is working away in Liverpool from monday to friday at the minute, we spent saturday just having a general lazy day, playing with Chloe, sorting out a mountain of washing etc. Then on Sunday, which was Father’s Day, Daddy had a bit of a lay in and got a lovely card from Chloe – complete with smudgy paint handprints, he’d already had his present but more about that another day. Then we went to soft play with Chloe as she hadnt been for a few weeks and it’s amazing to see the difference, now she’s happy to charge off and play with things she used to shy away from. She loves being buried in the ball pit now, however there is a slight downside to this new-found explorer attitude – she now thinks its great fun to run away from Mummy and Daddy at every opportunity and when you catch up with her she has a little ‘bang feet on floor’ tantrum in frustration. Ahh the joys of parenting!

So that’s about all we did really, it was super relaxing and we did have a takeout as well and Chloe discovered she actually does love popadoms and would have eaten them all if she’d had a chance! Chloe has some molars coming through at the minute which of course is not pleasant, she never seems to want to go to sleep at bedtime either and so she’s been staying up till about 9/10pm before she gives in and goes to sleep. A few nights she’s woken up screaming about 2am, refusing to go back to sleep, so I’ve spent a few nights, reading every story book in her room to her, trying to get her to go to sleep at 3am. Or when I’ve exhausted everything, we have come downstairs and let her wear herself out by playing with her toys for an hour before trying to put her back to bed. I feel exhausted, am so glad we had a nice easy weekend to be honest!

So Daddy is back away now for the week, when he gets up at 4:30am on monday morning to drive to Liverpool I can barely seem to even grunt out a ‘goodbye’ – oops. I must try to have a few early nights this week and hopefully Chloe will be feeling a little better and will sleep through the night again.

So on the blog this week, I’ve got a review to sort out and not 1, not 2 but 4 giveaways lined up over the next few weeks, I will try to space them out, one a week as it gets a bit crazy trying to keep track otherwise!! I’m trying to keep reviews to one a week as well, time seems to be flying away at the minute and I dont want to cram my blog with a ton of rushed reviewed, I like to take my time. I also want to sort out a new header, where I’m going to find the time I dont know, but there’s a few things on my ‘to do’ list that need sorting out, as well as looking for a new house and trying to arrange a holiday. If only I could pause time to get everything done, I might even be able to have a nice long bath and finish reading my book, wishful thinking there!!

Anyway, I’m off to bake a lemon cake, as a celebration for the start of summer, or something – must think of better reasons! Thank you as always for reading and commenting and enjoy the start of summer!

Michelle xx

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