Review: Pink Lining Blooming Gorgeous bag

Pink Lining Changing bag

Before Chloe came along, I had heard of Pink Lining bags, especially the Yummy Mummy ones and had seen them in magazines and things but it had never crossed my mind that they would be for me. Then when I became pregnant I started looking for a change bag and to be honest I didnt even look at Pink Lining, I thought too expensive and just not me! So I got something else and it was doing a fine job till after about a year I just thought I wanted something a bit more glamorous. I was thinking something that just looked like an oversized posh handbag but for one reason or another I took at look at the Pink Lining website and fell head over heels in love with the Blooming Gorgeous bags. Shortly afterwards I bought one in the scrummy Peace Blossom print, yes it was expensive at around £75 (I thought my previous one was expensive at about £50) and yes I felt very naughty but it was a treat for me and well, I thought I deserved it!

Showing the size of the bag next to ChloeI ordered it online and as I hadnt actually seen a Blooming Gorgeous bag in the flesh, I did start to worry during the few days it took to arrive, would it be too big, too girly? But it arrived and I loved it, it did look HUGE but it’s come into its own on many occasions where we’ve gone out for the day and everything has fitted inside perfectly.

For those that havent really come across these bags, here’s some vital statistics on them. They do various different types, from big weekend tote bags to the more well known change bags. The outers are a cotton canvas that has been laminated, so it’s wipe-able, resists spills and is very durable. I’ve had mine just over three months now and it’s still looking great. The Blooming Gorgeous range is bigger, and also wider then the more famous Yummy Mummy range, the front pocket is bigger – which was a big selling point for me, as I like to have lots of things easily accessible. It has a slightly retro look to the shape, it reminds me of bowling bag you see in old films, the Yummy Mummy ones are more squared. The two side pockets at each end on the Blooming Gorgeous bags have a covering flap, whereas the Yummy Mummy ones just have an elastic gathered closure. I much prefer the proper pocket with a flap that closes as it means I can put things in there and I know it’s not going to fall out/get wet when it rains etc. Both styles have two handles and one long adjustable and detachable shoulder strap, which can be put over pram handle bars.

Inside view of the bagInside is where the bags shine in my opinion, Pink Lining have really looked into what mums need, they are lined with the signature shocking pink water-resistant lining that really helps you to find things rather than being faced with searching in the far corners of a dark interior. There’s two thermo-insulated bottle pockets, I’ve ever only really needed to use one, but the other is great for storing a compact brolly in bad weather or rolling up a set of spare clothes in if we’re going out for a long day. There is a well padded change mat as well, which is lovely, so much nicer and thicker then any other ones I’ve seen that come with a change bag. It does take up a lot of room though and I generally leave ours at home now, it would have been perfect for when Chloe was little though.

Zippered wet bagAnother genius thing is a see-through zippered wet bag, which again is fab, great for putting in dirty clothes, I actually keep a dry set in there as once it’s zippered shut it keeps them nice and flat/out the way. And it makes it easy to find them when we need them and then obviously just pop the dirty set in once changed. I know some people use the bag for baby wipes, to keep them nice and moist, which is another good idea. There’s a mobile phone pocket, a decent sized zip pocket for important bits and bobs, a key chain, which could also be used for a dummy, a dinky little detachable mirror, which is a great distraction toys for Chloe when she’s getting bored waiting somewhere. Also a little pen holder and 2 really big pockets, great for nappies, clothes, bibs, snacks etc. My last bag had a lot of pockets but not as well thought out as the Pink Lining ones, all of them are used for something or another and I love that I can just find things instantly without having to dig around!

Showing the inside of my bag

I have thought of one thing that could improve my Pink Lining experience, and that’s pram clips, as whenever I sling the shoulder strap over the pram handle it does slip down all the time. On a two-handled pram it’s fine but our main pram is just one continuous piece for the handle and so it means there’s nothing to stop it slipping down. So I have invested in some of those metal clips that you attach to pram at the sides and then use the clips to attach to the bag (using the rings that the shoulder strap attaches too), keeping it in place. It solves the problem but it would be nice if Pink Lining did their own version or even incorporated something like that into the bag itself – which is what my old bag had.

Showing everything I keep inside the bagStill, I love the bag and do so wish I’d taken a look at them before we had Chloe as I cant count how many times I took my old change bag out and another little bag or spent 10 minutes searching inside trying to find something. I would happily recommend these bags to any mum (whether it be a new mum or to replace an existing bag), and if you’re not the kind of pack everything including the kitchen sink person like me then the smaller version would do you fine. And once we dont need such a huge bag it will still be perfect for when we go visiting my mum for the day or overnight stays for me – should I ever go away somewhere, ha!

The price does put some people off but they really are worth it, so well thought out and I’m sure they’ll last for years and years, they also have great resale value. And when you think about it, even if you only use it for say 3 years, £75 in that time is probably much less than the average woman spends on bags in the same period! If you’re still unsure then definitely go look at some in a real shop and I have heard that when Pink Lining have sales where you can get some bargains, so it’s worth making sure you’re on their newsletter or keeping watch on their facebook page.

Michelle xx

I bought the bag mentioned in this post and did this review because I wanted to, no compensation was received for doing it. No one has told me what to write, all words (including spelling mistakes) and opinions are 100% my own and genuine.  

Update January 2012

I still love this bag, so much so in fact that at Christmas when asked what I’d like, I opted for a new Blooming Gorgeous bag in the lovely Thistle and Dragonfly print. The old bag still looks in excellent condition, it’s really battled rain and being slung into the boot of the car or under the pram well, and I can fit in everything!! Still my only bug bear is I wish they came with pram clips, oh and I wish the zipper were purple but I still love this bag lots and I’m sure my old one will make another mummy very happy!

So thank you for my Christmas present Santa and for pics of Chloe exploring the new arrival take a look here.

Michelle xx

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5 Responses to Review: Pink Lining Blooming Gorgeous bag

  1. Catherine says:

    What a gorgeous bag, I officially now want one!

  2. Louise Hulme says:

    Great review, I’ve just bought a pink lining bag but am only 20 weeks pg so am very impatiently waiting to use it, so it’s great to hear how good it is when used.

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  4. i love my pink lining bg bag too, and i indeed have added pram clips to mine, which can be bought from ebay for about £4.00 they make a world of difference and save my bag from slipping and distribute the weight evenly, i currently have 2 x pl bg bags and have requested a new multi bows bg for christmas from santa, i hope he thinks ive been a good enough girl 🙂 x

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