Dear Chloe

It’s 4am, dont you think now would be a nice time to go to sleep? I’ll admit you are usually a perfect sleeper, down by 8pm and 12 hours later you awaken to be the perfect princess. However not today, it could be the heat, or it could just be that you dont fancy sleeping and know that after about an hour of trying to stop your tears and shrieks upstairs, you know we will come downstairs and you can get away with playing.

Yes I know we’ve tried going back upstairs to bed 3 times now and each time you’ve cried hysterically once in your bed but you really are tired, mummy is really tired seeing as she’s not had any sleep yet. I know you’re tired, standing there and rubbing your eyes but obviously it’s no fun going to bed, I understand that but we NEED to go to sleep, mummy needs to go to sleep.

I could promise you a pony or something else wonderous but I dont think you really care or even understand how this blackmail malarkey works, so we’ll try again in a few minutes and see what happens. It’s actually getting light now and I have a feeling I’ve pushed past that point when you’re body goes from wanting to sleep to feeling like you might as well just push through and you know full well if you do go to bed now you’ll just lie awake for hours.

Thanks for this fab tuesday morning treat sweetheart, I shall be sure to repay in kind when you come in hungover in the early hours of the morning when you’re older and I get up at the crack of dawn and play the radio nice and loud outside your bedroom door.

Right, time for operation Sleep Tight to begin, 4th time lucky maybe? I love you poppet but I’d love it if you slept a bit too!!

Michelle xx

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3 Responses to Dear Chloe

  1. Rosie says:

    Oh dear, I so know what you are saying. Here my tactic goes like this. Snack and drink in pushchair in front of tv and something very sedate like baby tv. And mummy has a snooze on the settee for about an hour until son number 2 gets up and wakes us up!
    I hope you manage to catch up today!

    • Michelle says:

      Lol, Chloe ended up watching some Sky+ Something Special episodes which she loves, no chance of a nap though as she has a habit of frequently coming over to me and kissing/poking my face until I respond!!

      She did finally crash out at about 6:30am and is now up and about like nothing happened, fingers crossed she naps and then sleeps tonight!!

      Thanks xx

  2. Kirsty Fox says:

    Oh I know how that feels, luckily my second son is a much better sleeper than my first although I won’t know the true value of a lie in until they are 13 years old and they don’t get up until midday!

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